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  • Tigerface_Killah posted a message on the post 628: Respect the Headcrab.

    I'mma say this, I absolutely hated Doom Eternal until three quarters in, and then it clicked. I think the game should just start you out with all the weapons and upgraded abilities, 'cause that is whe...

  • Tigerface_Killah posted a message in the forum topic DOOM Eternal Impressions Thread. on the Doom Eternal board

    I really want to love this game, but they're trying real hard to make me not. The platforming sections are sometimes way too long, the swimming sections are terrible, and the marauder as an enemy just...

  • Tigerface_Killah posted a message in the forum topic Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is now on Netflix in the UK!. on the Anime board

    I'd say my favourite is part 3 for sure. Part 4 though is pretty fantastic as well and basically just as good. Part 5 honestly is where it starts to weaken but even then it's still alright.

  • Tigerface_Killah posted a message in the forum topic GOTY Special: Giant Bomb's Worst Christmas Song. on the General Discussion board

    Easily 'Christmas Wrapping'. It literally sounds like someone reading out loud the lyrics to the song, as opposed to, ya know, singing them. So bad, and for bonus points, it is also an 80s song.