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Commenting on Videos ~VS~ Making a Forum Post

I was just reading this thread and couldn't help but become rather irritated with some people posting.

Not the reason why you were thinking.

The OP created a topic on the games forum for discussion, and multiple users kept posting things like:

@emergency said:

Should have just commented on the video...

@Anwar said:
Is it really necessary to make a thread just for this? Couldn't you post that in the comment section of the video? ...
@Grissefar said:

@Belmont_Shadow said:

Brad literally kept destorying those boxes even though you use them for the switch. I wish i erased my memory of OoT, would love to experience it as a new game again.

You can make comments for a video for a reason, dickhead. Don't just come here and shit on Brad before you have produced your own Quick Look.

Seriously? The thread was not created to "...shit on Brad...". The thread was created to discuss a specific area of the game, demonstrated by Brad in the quick look. Sometimes, a separate discussion in the forums is NECESSARY because a you may have a good point to make, however in the (at the time of writing this) 10+ pages and 400+ comments, what you said WILL get lost.

tl;dr The real point I'm trying to make here is, if there is a thread that you don't understand, or that you don't like, DON'T COMMENT ON IT. If you don't think it should exist, why bump it to the top and bring MORE attention to it instead of just letting it die? To increase your forum post count more, thus proving your forever alone-ness?

It just doesn't make sense.

On a side note, I could not complete that quicklook because I was raging way too hard because of the boxes.