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I'll just get all of the cool synthwave releases of 2015 out of the way. You know, the faux-80's, retro-futuristic electronic music. The type of music that's in the Hotline Miami games.

And a cool progressive metal album came out last week:

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I'm bumping this thread because a pretty amazing synthwave album just came out:

GosT - Behemoth

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If you're still unfamiliar with the genre, it's the type of music that's in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and both Hotline Miami games. This particular artist is on the heavier side of the spectrum, maybe even one of the heaviest. If you liked Carpenter Brut's tracks (Roller Mobster, The Perv) in Hotline Miami 2, this should be right up your alley.

I'd describe GosT's music as Justice doing the doing the soundtrack to a horror film.

The album is released through Blood Music, who makes all their music available for download at 'pay what you want - no minimum', which means you could even download it for free. It also features remixes by Perturbator (who you might also know from the soundtracks of both Hotline Miami's) and Dance with the Dead.

I very much recommend people give this a try if you like the Hotline Miami soundtracks, which I know practically everyone does.

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Dark Souls 1 was pretty much everything I had hoped it would be.

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For those of you who mentioned liking 80's synth stuff definitely check out Perturbator and Kavinsky, if you haven't already.

My man.

In the past months I've really gotten into the whole 'retro-futuristic 80's horror/scifi' synth music (or 'synthwave'). I couldn't tell you where it started but I sort of just stumbled upon it one day and have loved it ever since. I'm still very new to the genre but I would also recommend Lazerhawk and as mentioned before Power Glove, specifically the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack.

But if there's one artist who's really stood out for me so far it's Carpenter Brut. You may have heard his music on the most recent Hotline Miami 2 trailer:

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For a good impression of his work I strongly recommend listening to this live set, which you can also download for free.

Also look for the video's to his tracks 'Le Perv' and 'Obituary'. They're both very cool, but also very NSFW, so be warned.

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Forgot to add my name and time zone. Name is Tim, time zone CET.

I wasn't very familiar with the friend code system and apparently people have to manually enter your code as well to actually become friends if they don't know your in-game name.

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Sure thing.

  • Friend code: 1246 - 8817 - 7542
  • Region: Europe
  • Name: Tim
  • Time zone: CET
  • Preferences: None. I'm looking forward to trying the different game modes, with or without items and with however many players would like to join. I've always really liked this series and I've been playing it since the first one, so in terms of skill level I guess kind of know what I'm doing but it's nowhere near anything you see at tournaments and I'm not familiar with any of those fancy tricks and techniques the highly skilled players pull off. Basically I'm in it for fun but don't mind a more serious one-on-one match every once in a while.
  • Favourite characters: Falco, Mewtwo, Marth, Wolf, King Dedede

I also don't have a Wii U and am not planning on getting one any time soon, so I'll be sticking with the 3DS version for the foreseeable future.

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@mowgers said:

Not troll messages per se but seeing 'Visions of chest' next to Stone Trader Chloanne and later just finding a message that read 'thrust but hole' appealed to my fucking juvenile sense of humour.

Yup. Just came across this one today. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of these messages.

How incredibly immature!
How incredibly immature!

It made me laugh really hard and I upvoted it.

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Mother of God...

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Edit: I wonder if they'll ever get it out of the PC.

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I just happened to catch the Sabrina battle wherein the Pidgeot single-handedly destroyed all opposition.

I accept Bird Jesus as my lord and saviour.