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Epic? Nah. But still a lot of fun. 0

When a game doesn't allow you to actually die, it's already treading on dangerous territory. Unless the developers are smart with the game mechanics and can provide some form of challenge, that sort of game is invariably going to be irritatingly easy. But as far as game franchises go, the Kirby series is already very easy (it being aimed at kids), so there's no better formula to test the idea out on.Although, Kirby's Epic Yarn is hardly formulaic- in fact, there's little resemblance to prior Kir...

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It gets into your head and doesn't leave 0

Psychonauts is a game that's been getting a lot of attention, and as far as I'm concerned, it's about damn time! A massive low-seller upon its initial release in 2005, Psychonauts was and is one of the most unique concepts for a game, and one of the most fully-realized concepts, too.Psychonauts is about Whispering Rock, a summer camp for psychically-gifted children, where they can hone their mental abilities free from the world's prejudice, and under the watchful eye of the Psychonauts- heroic w...

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It's true- you just dance. But it's fun dancing! 0

I can't stop playing Just Dance 3. It's insanely addictive, tapping into everyone's innate love of dancing like no other experience. And, unlike other dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution, it's quite simple to understand and play- so anyone can pick it up without any trouble. Unfortunately, its simplicity and basic nature is just as much a hindrance as it is an asset.Just Dance 3 definitely cuts the bullshit when it comes to its presentation. The main menu has only four buttons: three small...

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It's fun, but in hindsight, it's insubstantial 0

You've probably played this game. Even if you've somehow managed to avoid picking up a Wii all these years, you've undoubtedly seen it at a friend's house or at a store display. Wii Sports is one of those cultural phenomenons that will probably be remembered for decades to come- where kitschy colors & hair metal represent the 80s and hip-hop and The Simpsons represent the 90s, Wii Sports will one day come to represent the 00s. It was just that big."Big", that is, in the sense of popularity. ...

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Good. But nothing special. 0

Super Mario Land was a launch title for the Game Boy back in 1989, and it's the first Mario game to not have the involvement of Shigeru Miyamoto. It shows. Though Land is still a fun game, it's marred by slightly spotty controls and a host of other niggling problems that prevent it from achieving the brilliance of its big NES brothers.Land's plot is obvious and minimal. Kidnapped princess, go save her, yadda yadda yadda. Still, it's interesting to note the few ways the game diverges from Super M...

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The perfect game. 0

There is not a single bad thing to say about Super Mario Bros. There aren't many new good things to say about it, either, since literally everyone (and also their mother) has played the game over the years, and loved it. You don't have to try to explain why SMB is so brilliant; it just is. And everybody knows it already!But... seriously, just why is Super Mario Bros. so good?The answer lies in its design.There's not a single line of code in Super Mario Bros. that is misplaced. It's all wired dow...

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One of the best games ever 0

Okay, I'm going to admit this right up front: I'm biased. I first played Sonic Adventure 2 (the Battle version for Nintendo Gamecube) back in 2002, and it has always been one of my favorite games ever since. I've logged nearly 100 hours on my original, decade-old file. But! Tastes do change. I'm not blindly in love with everything from my youth. I now look at many games I loved as a kid and see their flaws. Yet, I just picked up Playstation Network's HD version, at the far smarter age of 17, and...

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Definitely what I call a good dream 0

It's been made very clear over the years that Sonic Team, those extraordinaires that created their namesake hedgehog, is really, really proud of NiGHTS Into Dreams...-or Nights Into Dreams, if you prefer your titles without silly stylization. In every game the studio has made since the 1996 production - including Burning Rangers, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, and, obviously, the game's 2007 sequel, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - the mysterious jester star of t...

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I'm set to Jet! 0

Having never owned a Dreamcast, I've always been quite disappointed that many of the system's best games have remained exclusives- meaning I'd never gotten to play them on my Gamecube or PS2. Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio, as it was initially known in my beloved homeland) was one such game, never seeing any sort of re-release outside of its 2000 debut on the Dreamcast- a sequel on Xbox and a GBA game with the same title notwithstanding.Thankfully, that time has ended. Jet Set Radio has made ...

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Extremely Underrated 0

Donkey Kong 3 often catches some flak for being a great departure from the first two Donkey Kongs, being a shooter instead of a platformer. To which I say, so what? It's a really, really good shooter!The first interesting thing about the game is its setting. The vast majority of fixed-shooter arcade games were set in space, and had you battling aliens, but DK3 is instead set in the deep jungle. Stanley the Bugman (Mario is MIA) must shoot down an army of menacing bugs, who are trying to steal hi...

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