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What's up with your opinion?

I am noticing a ton, and by that I mean a metric fuckload (see: generalizations) of editorial content being positioned inside of newer wiki articles. This is troublesome on two levels.

1. Editorial content diffuses the description of material in an article by placing the author's opinion above clear and concise factual data. When we view a wiki page for a game; we're interested in the facts. If we want reviews; there's a link for that.

2. Editorial content is almost always of a negative nature. This leads to an unfair and unnecessary bias toward rhetoric that uses adjectives and adverbs that connote a lack of quality or other deprecatory conversation.

When you pair this with the fact that more recently Wiki submissions are being done for games that aren't even available on the market yet; you end up with an editors nightmare. While there are the usual crop of spelling and grammar issues in new content; the last thing we need is to be forced to decouple editorial content from what could have been factual descriptive material otherwise.

The job is hard enough already; keep your opinions out of it.


Requisite Post

This is my first post on which is made solely for the purpose of getting the creds. Thanks for tuning in.