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My name is Santino Scarborough, and I'm just your friendly not-so-average person in an average world. Currently I'm going to IADT in Chicago for Web Design and Multimedia. I've always been a big gamer, ever since I was first introduced to Super Mario at the age of three for the Nintendo. Currently I'm living in the southside of Chicago, which is not as bad as people put it. You just got to watch your surroundings for the most part, and just steer away from trouble, unless your like me who wants to go towards it in order to take pictures and have an interesting story to tell. Haha

My favortie game system right now is Xbox 360. It's really the only next-gen console I have next to my PC. The PS3 is cool, but I don't see why i would spend that much money on a game system if I don't want a blue-ray player right now. I can just go over my friend's house and play all the sweet games that come out for the PS3, like Uncharted and Resistence. The best game of all time for me would be KOTOR. I've played KOTOR six times all together. Each playthrough would be a different class, and I would defeat both the light and dark side with that class. It was pretty fun feat for me to complete. Even though KOTOR II didn't have the epic storyline of the first one, it still had some good innovations with the fighting styles and the level up system.

Currently I'm playing a lot of GoW2 and CoD4. So if you ever want to play with a skilled players at both of these games hit me up. My gamertag and mostly anything that is internet related will have TinoXtreme in it.