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5 Sentence Review Of Asura's Wrath 0

Button mash button mash button mash BURST!(Lots of grunting and yelling) Super Punch!Oh no what happened to my arms... man not again.How is any part of the planet still in one piece after all this?...And cliffhanger, time to buy the DLC....

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5 Sentence Review For River City Ransom 0

Let's go kick some young punk's jerk-off asses in the original beat 'em up!I'm in a shop and buying food (and upping my stats), NOM NOM NOM.I'm in the bookstore; Holy Shit look how fast I can punch/kick/weapon.I never knew an 8-bit brawler could have so much depth!The Pièce de résistance is when I show you my adorable backside while toweling off....

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5 Sentence Review For A Link To The Past. 0

The greatest adventure an adolescent gamer can take (or a gamer with an adolescent in his heart).The classic elements are here, a classic hero, a classic evil, a legendary sword, and a princess in distress.Why am I always falling into dark places that take me to somewhere new?Finding out my spirit animal is a pink bunny rabbit could have been worse.I'm a green-clothed medieval James Bond....

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