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Shooting a movie

Hi, i am somewhat writing this blog as a side effect to the quest system, but i am mostly writing it to get some of my stokedness out. Stokedness regarding a movie, specifically a movie i am currently making with some friend for the exams in our media class (idk if it's only in Denmark). 
I am extremely stoked, after a day spent shooting in an office space for 7 hours. we had almost everything; Proper actors, light, fake blood, awesome audio and a cool movie. It's the first time iv'e been working on such an "elaborate" production, and it's awesome. I am really tired now, so i don't feel like writing a lot, but i'll be updating my blog on GB as the movie progresses. 
Peace out brother. 
P.S. I saw the Facebook/TRON South Park episode last night, and was thoroughly amused by it.                                                                                                         

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