Best of 2010

Titl: Best of 2010

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  • One of the most thrilling experiences of my life, such a polished game. i can't wait to see how on earth they'll improve for the third installment.

  • The multi player aspect of this game is, like the first game in the series, the finest in all genres of games.

  • Rockstar doing what they do best. The game has an amazing story, a detailed world, and some of the best voice-acting in any game.

  • This game caught me completely off-guard, i didn't expect it to be a complete AC experience, but it turned out it was the best one yet.

  • A short but aesthetically solid experience. This game is truly one of a kind.

  • A unique, interesting and entertaining ride. And although the gameplay is as "lacking" as it is, it did enough to engage me in the action.

  • As expected as this game was at it's release, it couldn't not be disappointing. Yet the game's atmosphere and Twin peaks feel, i fell for it.

  • Despite it's obvious and glaring issues, this game has personality, and charm. It was a fun ride, it felt unique to me and my choices.

  • Haven't played this game too much, i am afraid of it, but i can vouch for it's amazing gameplay.

  • An amazing, and emotional ride, through what looks to be an old computer. Well, looks can be deceiving. This is the game that touched me the most emotionally. at the end of it i was almost crying.