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The 25 Best Games of 2018

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It's silly that I always at least mildly stress over pointless ordered lists in which I determine my favorite representations of a given medium, but coverage of last year's Star Wars Battlefront 2 changed everything; I learned that a game's quality is driven by how much money you spend per hour of play. This is huge, as I no longer have to think about what my favorite games are--I can just scientifically determine them. So here they are, the best games I played this year. Some notes:

  • There had to be a cutoff at some point, and I've made that cutoff today [12/27/2018]. Naturally if someone asks me what the best games of 2018 are at some point in the future, the science will reveal a completely different list.
  • Obviously if I don't spend money on a game it's tied for the best game ever made, so the following games have been removed from contention since it wouldn't be fair:
    • Super Mega Baseball 2 [played for 1:07:44 and refunded on Steam]
    • Assassin's Creed Odyssey [played for 2:15:17 through Project Stream]
    • A Way Out [played for 6:59:50 online via someone else's copy of the game]
  • GameFly value is determined by a formula taking into consideration the amount of money spent per month on a 2-disc plan and the length of time between when GameFly sent and received the title.
  • Here are the 10 worst games of 2018 because I spent money on them and have, as of 12/27, clocked no time:
    1. Moss [PS4] - ~$20
    2. CrossCode [PC] - $14.95
    3. GRIS [Switch] - $14.44
    4. Guacamelee 2 [PC] - $14.29
    5. A Case of Distrust [PC] - $9.39
    6. EXAPUNKS [PC] - $6.89
    7. Fe [PS4] - $5.35
    8. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise [PS4] - ~$5.15 [current GameFly rental, final value TBD]
    9. Beckett [PC] - $5.00
    10. The Mind's Eclipse [PC] - $3.99

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