Favorite Games

One game per series...sorta.

I'm almost certainly missing some games but I'm thinking off the top of my head at the moment.

List items

  • Anxiety in a bottle and, whoops, I drank it all!

  • I have a fondness for all the Rare entries but the original is the one I most often go back to. It's a comfort game; if I'm feeling particularly down and just need something to zone out to, it's there.

  • Again, I have a fondness for the whole of the original trilogy but 3 is just a bit above the rest. It helped me connect with folks around me when I wasn't quite good enough at that.

  • Both the PS2 and PSV versions. Golden is the better version, even if I didn't appreciate all of its additions.

  • Imperator! It's the only time I remember being obsessed with a game demo. I've played through the Battle of the River Trebia countless times and I'm still terrible at timing flanks. It took place in 218 BC, didn't you know?

  • I think it's the most well-rounded Metal Gear and the OST doesn't get enough love compared to later entries. It has an aesthetic that owns the PS1's usually-derided vectors. More indie games should crib from it, imo.

  • Yes, the final boss is dumb. Yes, its story is the least consequential to the overarching narrative. Yes, it scales back the RPG elements of the original and orients itself more toward action....Yes, it's the best.

  • Style for days. The storytelling is minimal but engrossing because everything happening looks so damn cool. Best battle system in MegaTen, as well. It's the only reason I know what a yurlungur is. Puzzle Boy is ridiculous, though.

  • Oddly enough, this game also helped me connect with others in an important way. I guess it's true that folks are quick to bond over mutual fear of exploding and/or drowning. The puzzles are stronger in VLR though the original's self-contained nature and scaled-down scope (lemme tell ya...VLR has some *scope*) make it preferable.

  • Most I've gotten into a competitive shooter since Halo 3. It has its ups and downs but the ups have been way, way up.

  • I enjoyed it enough to complete it on Commander difficulty in Ironman mode back when it was still pretty buggy.

  • I go back and forth on my pick for favorite Zelda. I enjoy all the 3D games except Skyward Sword. Right now I'm gonna say OoT.

  • If you aren't driving light vehicles only then I dunno what you're doing. You put those turtles in the baby carriage and go!

  • For better or worse, the way this game stirred a community into breaking it down as much as possible and uncovering every secret is a rare thing. I appreciate how obtuse it is willing to be; it doesn't spell everything out in its gameplay or its storytelling. Consequentially, that's kept the dialogue around the game interesting and long-lasting.

  • Didn't play this until recently but had a blast! Kept things fresh from beginning to end.

  • Possibly the greatest sports game ever made. I don't even watch hockey.

  • First game I ever beat. Also taught me how to draw. Presto! It's Kirby!

  • The series has since focused more on set-pieces and less on dynamic destruction. I think that's the worst mistake they could have made.

  • https://youtu.be/lWHgMcIOsuw

  • Coconuts' strategy is still my go-to way of playing Puyo. I prefer Tetris more nowadays but I have a soft spot in my heart for The Best Sonic Game Ever Made.

  • Everyone clamors for Geno in Smash but where's my Boshi echo fighter, gosh darnit!?

  • The nemesis system carried this game, even if it got repetitive by the end.

  • Best 2D Mario Game.

  • Best 3D Mario Game also yes I'm cheating.

  • One of the best games for goofin'.

  • It's all about Shinin'.

  • One of the few story-based games in our franchise-focused times that knew exactly how to end. It did it perfe...oh wait, there's a sequel coming out?

  • featuring Dante from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

  • It doesn't hold up. That Dutch countryside, though...


  • Still the only game I have on my phone.

  • The best thing about this game was Special Ops. Holding out with your buds inside a Burger Town. The good times.