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Favorite Video Game Characters

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  • The greediest of the greedy and a fun character to boot.

  • A loyal, heroic dog who can say more with her actions than words could ever do.

  • The most passive aggressive and sadistic computer to ever exist, but one that sinks in as both menacing and funny.

  • A vicious AI with plans for world domination. Pure evil and absolutely horrifying at times.

  • Sam's little buddy: An unhinged, violent whirlwind of id, following whatever instinctual trait his rabbity brain can come up with.

  • Nintendo's comical punching bag. Typical lesser younger brother whose comical bits of sadness make him more entertaining than his famous sibling.

  • Marred by an existence of endless battle, The Boss tragically ended her life as a traitor at the hands of her student, turning him into Big Boss.

  • Standard working stiff turned detective turned casino owner. Also a skeleton and Death.

  • Paranoid conspiracy theorist. Twisted mind holds government agents, wicked girl scouts and a dormant, milk loving second personality.

  • Groovy intergalactic hero, armed with a wicked blaster and few brain cells.

  • The world's greatest soldier and supposed traitor. The true star of the Metal Gear series in some ways.

  • Abominations of the deep, once people and now killer and protector, all in one. Maybe something human still exists inside that hollow shell, though.

  • Cartoonish supervillain who loves making robots. Evil genius, feminist, notorious hedgehog hater.

  • Greedy penguin king with a mighty hammer. Likes: food, dislikes: Kirby.

  • Strange FOXHOUND psychic, blessed with manipulative abilities that extend to the actual game itself.

  • Neither a strong nor a brave pirate, but mighty nonetheless, thanks to his powers of puzzle solving and insult swordfighting.

  • Creepy manifestation of masochistic machismo. Known to lug around a massive knife, commit sexual atrocities.

  • Egotistical & cowardly hero-turned-villain-turned-hero. Super powered but lacking any brains to truly back it up.

  • Grove Street's king. A rags to riches gangster who rose to power due to his skills with his brain as well as skill with a gun.

  • An octopus with a taste for humans, a love of the ladies, and a strange sense of humor.

  • A 32 year old man that thinks he's a fairy. Annoying but fascinating and funny at the same time.

  • Bit.Trip's protagonist, an allegory for the life cycle. He is only a man.

  • Strange young man turned strange old man turned half-Liquid or maybe not. Loves doublecrossing everyone.

  • PO'd biker who wouldn't know a zombie if it bit him. Hates everything but vests.

  • Devious tanuki plutocrat. Likes your money way more than you ever would. Runs monopoly as the only store in town.

  • Goofy knight astride on a cow and a master strategist. Stronger than his silly demeanor would let on and a loyal subject.

  • Comical action star exaggeration turned misogynist, meme-loving mess.


  • An assassin droid forced to obey. Hates meatbags and known to kill all his owners.

  • Broken artists driven mad by doubters. Easily the most entertaining character in Bioshock.

  • Creepy agent with interdimensional capabilities. Known to be near certain people in Gordon Freeman's life.

  • Kick-ass idiot otaku with a libido the size of Santa Destroy. Master assassin armed with a beam katana.

  • Researcher and geneticist turned insane monstrosity. Sofia Lamb's failed Utopian.

  • Special agent who loves coffee and talking about 80s b-movies with his imaginary friend, Zach.

  • The great king, master of the universe and destroyer of many stars and planets after an accident. Looks great in tights.

  • Evil scientist who turns robots evil. Can't stop groveling every time he loses.

  • Pirate that's always undead in one form or another. Despite his cruelty and evil, is easily fooled. May or may not be Guybrush's younger brother.

  • Demon, trickster, colossus killer. The ultimate evil.

  • Happy-go-lucky post-apocalyptic mascot of the Wastes. Always eager to lend a happy smile to the irradiated wasteland.

  • Super smart and cute robot. Known for his sometimes acidic one-lines. Also a holovid star.

  • Mad jester with magic powers. It turns out crazy and magical don't go well together.

  • Giant piece of shit. Also he sings. But look at him, he's literally a huge turd.

  • Indiana-esque treasure hunter who tends to get the crap beaten out of him before saving the mythical antique from the greedy bad guys. Cliche? Sure, but still highly entertaining.

  • Creep in a crappy costume. Lovable loser looks to get laid, sometimes lands ladies.

  • Megalomaniacal limb with advanced intelligence. Might rule the future in 200 years.

  • Cute ticking time bombs. Each can be given a special ability and each can be blown to smithereens.

  • 80s cool in a pastel suit. Deal drugs, does doublecrosses.

  • A relentless smiley face out to murder once your time is up.

  • Massive boxer who just can't keep his pants up.

  • Killer goldfish with an army of brainless cats. Tastes delicious.