Games I beat in 2017

These are the games I have "beaten" in 2017. No matter how petty the victory, it goes here.

List items

  • (PC): Yeah it is not hard to beat this game on the PC version as you get infinite continues, but I still beat it goes here. I added it up afterwards, and assuming $.25 per continue, I would have spent about $8 on that successful run. I am pretty sure that is less than what I paid for the game.

  • (3DS): I never thought I would say this about a Kirby game, but it goes really highly specific anime that if I named it would be a spoiler I guess.

  • (PC): This is probably the Metal Slug I have played the most off. Beast it in 14 continues, which is about $3.50 in quarters. Less than half than what I would have "paid" for in MS3. Like this one way more than MS3.

  • (XB1): Had fun with it. Played the 7 hour campaign in one day. Can't say anything about the ending without spoiling yeah, that ending.