Games I Played in 2017

Games I played in 2017.

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  • (PC): The addiction continues (nearing 700 hours played).

    (EDIT): Looks like I burnt out again, around 728 hours. Unfortunately I have to re-install it because I forgot to put my kavat in stasis...and when I get in the mood to play this again in who knows how long I don't want to come back to a dead cat in my spaceship.

    EDIT 2: Looks like I've got long term burnout on this one. At 737 hours, and not even new frames are enough to make my reinstall this. I imagine I'll get the itch again sometime, but not right now.

  • (PC): A neat little game. A card/roguelite/dungeon crawler with minimal penalty for losing. Not something I would play for hours on end, but a fun thing to poke at now and then.

  • (PC): Played for a little bit. Probably going to start over as some of the mechanics I am still figuring out (namely the "teamwork acrobatics" which should allow you to throw a character forward, but which I can't seem to execute routinely).

  • (PC): A fun game, but I have trouble going back to it as I think Hordes and Invaders is more fun. Still, probably going to try to beat it at some point.

  • (PC): After failing to get into the Vita version (the controls, man. What a waste), I went back to the PC port. Now that I did some research and found out that the developers figured a single "game" would be 80 hours long, I decided to just do a run or two a day, whenever I game on my PC. This seems to be working out for me, and I'm already farther in than I have ever been before.

    EDIT: Tried the Vita version again, and I don't know if they've done some work on it, or if it is because I knew going in it wasn't going to be touch controls, but it seems to be easier to handle than I remember. The controls still aren't perfect (seriously, some touch-screen action here and there would have gone a long way), but it is playable.

  • (PC): The next of the "8-bit" series, this time an homage to StarCraft, and various other franchises. There are a handful full of things I don't like about it (the fact that the "xenohounds" die in a pool of acid really makes it so you have to micromange the heck out of your advances against the aliens forces, lest your guys take a lot of DoT from the acid), but it is fun like the other games in the series.

  • (PC): Disgaea is one of those games I always meant to put time into, but never really got around to it. Played this one just long enough to make sure it ran.

  • (PC): A Diablo-like (what is the term for this genre? ARPG?). Put about 2-3 hours in. Seems like fun. I guess D3 spoiled me because I am always afraid that I am ruining my build every time I put in a point.

  • (WiiU): I pulled the trigger on and bought a WiiU now that it appears that they are just going to get more expensive rather than less. Of course, Smash Bros is one of the go-tos.

  • (SNES via VC): Yes, I bought a $300 console and now I am playing 20+ year old games on it. Have enough memories tided up in this game that I didn't regret dropping $8 on it.

  • (SNES via VC): Played this game years and years ago via rental, but never had the game long enough to beat it. We'll see if it holds my interest long enough for this to be the time for me to beat it.

  • (Vita): Funnily enough, I bought this one like not long before it was a PS+ game. Eh, whatever. Played it for a little bit. Dungeon crawling part is a bit like the Persona games (moving about with the chance to attack enemies from the rear to get an advantage), and the battles are alright so far.

  • (PC): Old Westy Xcom. Will likely go back to it at some point.

  • (XB1 and PC): Poked at this both on the XB1 and PC, and the PC version seems to be the way to play. I bounced off this a few times in the last couple of years, but that seems to be because I thought some of the mechanics were way more complex than they actually are. This is what I get for trying to play a game for the first time usually around midnight.

  • (3DS): A weird little title for 3DS, sort of an shooter. The controls aren't get since you have to hold your 3DS in an uncomfortable fashion to be able to strafe (or at least is is uncomfortable for me and my giant gorilla hands), but outside of that it seems alright.

  • (3DS): Needed something that was a bit less serious, a bit more laid back. Kirby game. The way you feel really, really powerful when you get in a robot is great.

  • (PC): This is a weird little thing. More or less fun, albeit sometimes frustrating.

  • (PC): Holy crap, is this game really 7 years old? Anyways, I think I played for a little while on my xbox360 or PS3 some years ago. This poke was fun, but we'll see if I end up playing it to completion or not.

  • (PC): Poke at this one every now and then. Still fun.

  • (PC): After appreciating the Paradox style "Grand-Strategy" game from a distance for some years, I decided to take the plung. Stellaris seemed relatively approachable compared to, say, Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings. So far I am liking it, but I would say that I am still late early game or early mid game, so I don't what other game concepts I am going to have to wrap my head around.

  • (PC): I have played many Metal Slug games...and think this one might be my least favorite. I know that these games are unrepentant quarter eaters, but this one seemed a bit more egregious about it than the others I have played.

  • (PS4): Played the demo and liked it enough to pick up. I am wondering if I should have picked up the Vita version instead as it seems like a good "second screen" game, but too late now, I guess. Played it for a few hours today and had fun. Will go back to it.

  • (PC): So, after not really liking MS3, I was a bit worried about heading back into this one, as X is my favorite MS game. Turns out I was worried for no reason. I feel like this one is much more "fair" than 3 (still a quarter muncher for sure).

  • (PC): Booted it up long enough to see if my PC could handle it. Looks like it can, maybe?

  • (PC): Played for a little bit. Didn't really grab me, and I have other games in the genre I like more, so this goes back into the pile for awhile.

  • (PC): Backed this game on Kickstarter some years ago, and pretty much wrote it off as one of the ones I wasn't going to see. Glad to see I was wrong. Played it for a little while, but frankly I'm too tired to really go deep into it tonight.

  • (Xbox 360): With Andromeda coming out this year, I figured it was about time I got around to playing Mass Effect 3. So why am I playing ME2? Well, I only played ME2 once, so I forgot a lot of what happened. And at some point I accidentally deleted said ME2 save (perfect run, no losses on suicide mission), so I have nothing to import into ME3. So replaying ME2 first.

  • (Vita): Yeah, it's a pretty good port of Resogun.

  • (Vita)PS+: Didn't really tickle my fancy.

  • (PC): Watched a stream of the game and it made me want to go back in. Hey, guess what? XCOM is still pretty awesome.

  • (PC): I still like this game.

  • (Vita): PATA-PATA-PATA-ooooh wait, that was the wrong button.

  • (PC): A friend actually got me this for my birthday either last year or the year before. My pile of shame is so deep I'm just barely getting around to playing it. Seems fun, a bit of a watered down version of X-Wing (which is fine, since I don't know where my joystick is).

  • (PC): Poked at this game a couple of times in the past, but it never really caught on with me. Played it a bunch last night and liked it. THQNordic released a patch for the Steam version late last year (not bad for a 12 year old game), and it seems to make it run silky smooth on my system now.

  • (PC): Yeah, tried this one again, and just didn't click with me.

  • (PC): I poke at this every once and while, but just never really get that into it.

  • (PC): A F2P CCG that I saw played a few times by someone I follow on YouTube. Figured maybe I'll do this instead of my semi-annual "let's poke at Hearthstone again." Seems fun. Haven't played against another human yet, but all the Solo modes offer a handful of in game currency.

  • (XB1): Picked this up just because it was a pretty good deal (like $35 for a newish game). Really enjoying it. Played something like 6 hours straight today. Playing on easy so I'm not getting the deepest tactical experience, but still fun. Some great cutscenes as well.

  • (PS4): My fascination with Souls/soulslike games continues, it seems. Played through the tutorial area, and then got rocked by my first mob of dudes.

  • (PS4): Got through the tutorial. Need to come back to this later.

  • (Xbox360): For how much I enjoyed Alan Wake, I'm surprised that I haven't played this yet.

    EDIT: Played it beat it on PC.

  • (Vita): Considering I never got past wave 40 in this game, I made it all the way to the end (wave 100) and died on the last boss. Bummer. It is a little ridiculous how fast you can lose shields in the end game. Went from full shields (something like 10 hits) to 1 in a single wave. Must have like 0.01 seconds of invul-frames.

  • (PC): Watched 'Mad Max: Fury Road' yesterday, and it got me in the mood to play this game. It was the first time in a while that I played it, but I managed to beat it for the second time, and this time without much hassle, even on the final boss. EMP on the MCV are OP, OK?

  • (PC): Played this but didn't get too far. It kinda kills the desire to play a game when you know the reward is a FTL-style nigh-impossible boss.

  • (XB1): Had played this years and years ago on my PS2. Having some fun with it, but I also am reminded why I don't really do fighting games.

  • (XB1): Didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. Too bad.

  • (PC): Merciful heavens is this game really 8 years old? Man, I remember playing this on my Xbox 360 after playing the heck out of the demo. Played through the first couple of levels and I still like it. The character models look great for how old the game is.

  • (3DS): This has probably been sitting on my 3DS for quite a few years now, and I just got around to playing it. Having a lot of fun. Playing 'Casual' mode like the filthy casual I am, because something that made me bounce of this series before was the permadeath.

  • (PS3): Probably haven't played this game in over 5 years, mostly because I associate it with a pretty rough time in my life. Still, it seems fun, but I didn't give it too much time. I'm not very good at puzzle games.

  • (PS3): Another game I hadn't touched in some time because of memories associated with it. Still, I had fun picking it back up. Took me awhile to remember all the rules and such.

  • (XB1): Played the opening a couple of different times with different classes to see which one I liked playing the most.

  • (PC): Don't really play the "Regicide" variant, but I like the "classic" play in that it's basically Battle Chess with a 40K skin, and I'm a big enough nerd to dig that. I'm still terrible at chess, though.

  • (PC): Either this game is harder than I remember, or I'm worst at it than I was when I first played it a couple of years back. And not in the "fun hard" way, either. Huh.

  • (PC): I don't know why I enjoy the tiny little shooters by this game company, but I more or less do.

  • (PC): Wolf Flame. No? Wolflame? As in Wol Flame...or Wolf Lame? Hmmm...maybe not the best game name in hindsight, but still an alright little shooter.

  • (PC): Played this for a couple of hours on the easiest mode. Seems fun. Ran into a bug once or twice where pretty much anything instead of having my ballcarrier run straight forward (usually right into tackles) will cause an error not allowing the play to launch, since lateral/backward movement is illegal for the ball.

  • (PC): Seems to be an easier to wrap your head around version of Frozen Synapse. I like it so far.

  • (PC): A twin stick shooter. That's really all I can say about it. Except that oddly enough sometimes it seems like the bullets miss even when the graphics look like they hit? You have one job, game: shooter.

  • (PC): 2010? Really? For some reason I thought this game was newer than that. Huh. It looks pretty good for a 7 year old game.

    (EDIT): Ended up beating the game in one day. Only 8 hours long for all 3 species. True, I played on easy, but that is because I am a dirty scrub, and I remember far too well the sheer annoyance I had of almost beating the predator missions in AvP2 only to get 1 hit KO'd by a facehugger without saving for a while. Glad this game gives you a bit more leeway with facehuggers...those things are great sources of tension in movies, but are horrible sources of annoyance in the games when they are a 1 hit kill.

    Played through the first level of each species, and it is alright. Found the predator to be the least fun one, which is odd since it was the one I liked most in AvP2.

  • (PC): This game had been sitting in my pile of shame for years because I pretty much knew I wouldn't like just isn't my kind of game (in case you are wondering why I have it then, it is because I got it as part of some humble bundle or another). However, as I am working my way through my pile of shame alphabetically, this game came up pretty early in it.

    Turns out I was right. Didn't like it. Not my kind of game.

  • (PC): Wasn't much interested in this game until I watched part of a stream of it. Then I went and bought it and I am enjoying the heck out of it.

  • (PC): Poking at this one again since all kinds of stuff was added in since I played it last year sometime. Still fun, but maybe not quite as fun as I remember it?

  • (PC): Played this one for about a half hour. It just didn't grab me at all. I didn't think any of sprites looked that great, and was annoyed that I couldn't really tell which of fishes and such when I was just swimming around Home Waters would hurt me, and which ones wouldn't. Not my cup of tea, taken off the Pile of Shame into the "probably won't play again" pile.

  • (PC): The forthcoming expansion made me think about this game again, so I started playing it again. Really don't see why there was the push-back there was against this game. It is a lot of fun.

  • (DS): Yup, I hung on to my old DSi XL just to play DS games. Yeah, I know you can play them on a 3DS, but I dunno...I think they look better on the old hardware.

    Anywhoooo...I played this game some years ago and bounced off it. It wasn't what I was expecting. However, after a streamer I follow played a couple of the Front Mission games (FM3 and this one), I decided to give it another go. So far I am enjoying it.

  • (PC): Through the first part of the tutorial I was thinking to myself "This seems like a bad action-platformer." Then they added the rhythm stuff to recharge your abilities, then I was like "Oh, it's a bad action platformer in which you have to stop and play a super simple ryhthm game in order to recharge any abilities that aren't walk forward slowly. I don't think I'm going to play any more of this game!"

  • (PC): Next in my pile of shame. Took me the better part of an hour to set up (trying to get the in-game voice commands to register before deciding it wasn't worth it. Trying to find the right option to check so the button prompts would show up as controller buttons. On a side note, apparently "M" is mapped to everything as the game would tell to "hold down M and press M" to do something or other). Played just over an hour and a half. Don't think I'm going to spend any longer with it. The controls just aren't doing for me and I found every character to be quite annoying.

  • (PC): Don't know why I've been putting off playing this one since I enjoyed the Shadowrun: Returns enough to Kickstart everything that Harebrained Schemes has done since.

  • (PC): Had to urge to play a souls-like game, and this is the one I decided to tackle. Had played it before, but I think I'm just a little bit past where I got the first time I tackled this (which, truth be told, ain't very far). Had fun, hope my interest stays up.

  • (Vita): Played for about ten minutes. Landed on an enemy and died when I jumped down to enter the next room. Remembered why I never got far in this game on pc and uninstalled it.

  • (Vita): Came back to this game for the first time in a lot longer than I excepted. Like 3 or 4 years? Have I had my Vita that long? I and haven't beat this game? Weird. It's pretty good.

    (EDIT): Got the first endings with both characters, so I am calling this game "beaten" before the time being. I would have to grind quite a bit to get to the next endings, and I really don't feel like doing that right now.

  • (PC): Didn't really like it with the default control scheme, but then I switched over to my Xbox controller and played it for an hour and a half. Seems like a pretty solid one of these kinds of game. Just hope that they don't introduce platforming since they have a jump/wall jump.

  • (Vita): I was on board, Sky Force. I was on board until level 5, when you said to yourself "You know, what if we had a level where the player has to constantly dodge a big energy bolt, and if it hits them they can't shoot the rest of the level? That's a good idea right?"

    No, Sky Force, that is a terrible idea.

  • (Xbox 360): Been meaning to play this game for awhile now. October seems to be a good time to do it.