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A fun simple and fast paced RTS. 0

Overall I enjoyed my time with 8-Bit Armies. It certain isn’t the most strategic RTS ever (the primary tactic is build up and overwhelm) which does get a bit tedious by the time you are finishing the campaigns, but it still held my interest enough for me to finish both the main game and the Guardians DLC.In the campaign mode you get additional starting units and buildings for completing objects, which leads to a nice feeling of making you feel more powerful the farther you get. I found thi...

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Hello Random Person On The Internet I Shall Call Friend. You should check this game out, it is the most innovative shooter I have played in years....Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let's get real here.Getting the elephant in the room out of the way here: Yes, SUPERHOT is a short game. I completed the campaign mode in about 2 hours. For a game that is regularly $25 (I picked it up when it was on sale for $20), I can see that being a hard sale. If you are the type who wants to get some p...

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A Delightful Little Gem 0

I have put 60+ hours into this game.When I think about that, it is kind of ridiculous.But you know what? I'm still having fun with it.Atom Zombie Smasher is a top-down strategy/tower defense game where the goal is to hold the advancing zombie horde at bay while you try to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Battles are fought in grid-style cities, and you chose where to fight your next battle on a strategic map. Overall victory is determined by the victory track: you get points for each ...

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It Hurts So Good 0

(Full Disclosure: I was a Kickstarter Backer for this game.)I just logged my 20th hour and the game, which ended in a grueling battle with the Rebels. Victory was so close I could taste it, but as hull breaches sucked out the oxygen from the ship, and as fire ravaged my weapon systems and shields, I could do nothing but shake my first at the uncaring universe as my ship exploded......again.FTL manages to be fun and cruel at the same time. You have the highs of blasting an automated ship to dust ...

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One of the Best Diablo-Likes Out There 0

So, chances are you have played a game like Torchlight II, as the game itself is very iteraitve of the tried-and-true Diablo formula. If that is the case, when why in the world would you play Torchlight II?Simple: Torchlight II has streamlined the experience. It takes a lot of the annoying/boring things about the genre, and either eliminates it or makes it less time consuming. Inventory full? Slap it on your pet and sent it town. Out of potions or identifying scrolls? Your pet can pick them up ...

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Indie Action-Puzzle-Platforming Done Right 0

Gunpoint is what I would call an action-puzzler. Normally, all you would have to is tell me a game is an "indie action-puzzle-platformer" for me to roll my eyes and to say "What, another one?" But Gunpoint is an amazingly fun game, enough so that I have played the game through twice to see all the story beats. The story itself is pretty amusing, told through text messages between the main character, Conway the freelance spy, and his clients. The puzzle element comes in the form of Conway's gade...

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Maybe the Best Open-World Superpower Game...Maybe? 0

Hey guys……GUYS……Saints Row 4 is really good.I have enjoyed the Saints Row series since SR2 (never played the first). With each iteration, Volition distances itself more and more from the dreaded “GTA-clone” descriptor and become more their own thing. In SR3, they left behind the gritty drama and embraced the ridiculous (as they say in game: more fun, less mercy killing). And in SR4, they go past ridiculous into straight up bonkers (I know I am a few years...

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A Fun Tactical Shooter Lost In the Shadow of it's Better Big Brother. 0

In many ways, I still want the XCOM FPS that was annoucned way back in 2010. I thought the 1950s setting combined with the horrific alien blobs that apparently killed people by forcing themselves down their victims throats, essentially drowning them, and the shape-shifting geometric space ships combined into what looked like a very interesting game.You probably don't remember the trailer...or if you do, you probably remember the Internet rage that came out around it as gamers rioted at the idea ...

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A Light In the Black... 0

I enjoyed this game. I had played it years ago when it first came out on Xbox 360, but this was the first time I had played the two DLC episodes. While not a perfect game (gets a bit heavy on combat in parts, and some level gimmicks are more interesting in theory than they are in practice), but the story was enough to keep me interested. The sound design is also good (both music wise and sound effects), and the graphics are pretty solid for a port of 4 year old Xbox 360 game, with some very good...

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Horror and Tension in a Tidy Little Package 0

Full disclosure to start with: I was a Kickstarter backer for this game.Let me also get this out of the way: I'm not really a horror game fan. I'm fascinated by the idea of horror games (as the fact that I have a number of horror games on my playlist will attest), but often lack the guts to actually install and play the silly things (as the fact that most of those same games have 0 playtime on them will attest).Given that, it was with a bit of apprehension that I loaded up the game this evening....

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Still the Best "Play Your Music" Game Out There 0

Audiosurf might be the first game I bought on Steam...I've owned it for so long that I can't really remember.What I do know is that, despite the fact that I have owned the game for years, I still come back to it over and over again. Everytime I pick up a new song I like, I know that sooner or later I am going to load it up in Audiosurf and play it. It's easy to use song browser, the fact that you don't have to scan your entire music library like many other "play your music" games, and the class...

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Brutally Fun 0

I've played around 30 hours of Spelunky at this point. I am worlds better at it than I was when I first picked it up. But on my best run I still haven't even gotten to the final world yet. More often than not I can't even make it past the second world. Truth be told, I just died on the very first level on the last game I played.So why am I giving Spelunky a thumbs up?Because the game is fun. And fair. Mostly fair, at least.Let's get this out of the way: Spelunky is a hard game. 30 hours in and ...

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Nothing to Write Home About 0

While I don't necessarily want to talk too badly about 'Home', I don't know what good I can say about a game that at the ending screen, the most emotion I could dig up for it was to shrug my shoulders and say "Eh." I thought briefly about playing again to pick up the handful of secrets I missed and to see what would have happened if I made the other choice at the end...but it was a thought I quickly dismissed. The gameplay itself wasn't engaging enough for me to spend doing the same thing over ...

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Not a bad way to burn some free time. 0

This is an odd little puzzle game (emphasis on "odd" and "little") which pretty much revolves around burning things in a fireplace. The gameplay, such as it is, is all about looking at a list of of combos and trying to figure out which items make up that combo. As you burn items, they spawn coins, which allow you to buy more items. As you figure out combos, they spawn stamps, which allow you to have items instantly delivered. You also need a certain number of combos to unlock more catologs to b...

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15 Minutes of Story 0

So, I've been a fan of Blendo Game's stuff in the past. I have put an absurd amount of hours into Atom Zombie Smash, and enjoyed my time in Flotilla. I more recently discovered that another Blendo Game, Gravity Bone, was available on free from the studio's website, and after playing it, decided to throw down the $5 to play Thirty Flights of Loving.I'm not sure it was worth it.First thing's first: 30 Flights is really short. I played through the game once normally and again with "developer comme...

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