GOTY 2012

List items

  • Journey is basically the most complete and satisfying experience I have ever had. It was amazing top to bottom and I wouldn't change a thing. Game of the Year.

  • This is the epitome of a fun stealth experience. The mechanics are fun, its fluid and fast without being too easy and it removes all frustration in place for plain fun. This is the gamiest of my favorite experiences this year and I freaking love it.

  • Hey, I hated Inferno and the Auction House as much as the next guy. But I won't let a lackluster or frustrating endgame/lootgrind ruin the fun I've already had. I just made the choice to stop playing when it got bad. That doesn't dilute the hundred plus hours of awesome I had already been through.

  • This game is pure insanity. It ramps up when it shouldn't be able to. It get crazier when there is no more crazy to be had. And most amazing of all, it actually used QTEs in an interesting and fantastic way that integrated it into the experience. I could nitpick all day about how terrible the general combat is, but in the end, I was too amazed to care.

  • This was my entryway into the Visual Novel format. And while I've later on played other ones that are arguably better. Katawa Shoujo still has a soft spot for me. I will remember the first emotional journey I had with my adorable but awkward artist for a long time.

  • As a player with a mostly casual interest in fighting games, this became my Mortal Kombat of the year. A simple but fun combat system that allowed for easy drop in and out fights with friends and added on to that a batshit insane japanese drama for story, made for a pretty damn fun time.

  • Also known as the second gamiest experience of the year. This is turn based strategy done right. Streamlined, accessible but still incredibly hard and flexible. Fantastic game.