Ümloud '09 \m/

Excuse me, I'm a bit groggy today. It's for a good cause. Last night I went to Ümloud, a late-night Rock Band party to benefit Child's Play. It was awesome! The crowd had a good-spirited vibe, and Chris Kohler was the perfect MC. Check out some of these performers:
Costumes, tunes, and other Rock Band 2 goodness wasn't all. There were gaming treasures to be coveted and won in the silent auctions, raffle, and swag giveaways.
All of those piles of donated awesomeness were given away to the crowd by the end of the night. Darn my luck, my tickets came up too early to be allowed to claim this vicious piece of signed Bioshock 2 art: I watched it move around the club through the night, and as jealous as I was, I'm glad it went to a good home. That Final Fantasy Distant Worlds CD signed by Nobuo Uematsu? It looks pretty good on my shelf... Look at all this craziness on the swag table!
Game Boy Advance games! T-shirts! Art books! A Blitz '99 arcade board with cabinet livery! A Kane & Lynch press kit! Goddamn Phillips CD-i games! It's like the nerdiest yard sale ever. The whole night was a blast, and I can't wait until they do it again. Child's Play is constantly raising money to donate to children's hospitals across the country, and a night like this is a thoroughly enjoyable way to do it. I promised I would shout out to the Fire And Sonic blog, who are donating a buck to Child's Play for the first 100 people who comment on their own Ümloud post. Ladies, my swanky jacket and I like your style! What I'm Playing:
  • Main Campaign: Muramasa: The Demon Blade
  • Side Quest: Soul Calibur 4, Rock Band 2