Top 10 Games of 2011

My top 10 games of 2011. (From 1st to 10th)

Let the record show that these were the only games I played in 2011.

List items

  • Awesome. A nice break from all the normal games that have some grounding in reality and just a bunch of insane and crazy gameplay.

  • The best game world I've entered in a long time. The game's futuristic cyberpunk mood and atmosphere are thrown at you through every tiny detail and object that has been crammed into this world. I've never played a game like this where you could approach a certain scenario from such a vast amount of different ways and have different outcomes based on these choices you make.

  • A great story and atmosphere. It was fun to explore this time frame and to play an adventure game that focused more on adventure, puzzle solving and storytelling rather than shooting dudes.

  • I'm a sucker for explosions.

    As well as crazy ass set-pieces and super slick multiplayer.

  • Although I definetely didn't find the story to be nearly quite as entertaining as Brotherhood, nor did I care about almost all of the game's new features, I can't say no to more stabbing of dudes in the face.

  • Skyrim seems like something I really want to enjoy. In the short amount of time I've played it, the story and world seem like stuff I really want to see more of. Although playing through it on the PS3, I really want to wait for the game to run better before I delve deeper into it.

  • I felt the need to buy this on my pc as the 64 player online was just too enticing to pass up. Sadly though, running this game on a low settings on a 13 inch laptop does not equate to the most enjoyable experience. If I had a beast of a machine, I think this game would have definetely ranked higher for me. Even with pretty poor playing conditions, I still had a lot of fun crashing planes into shit.

  • A launch game that was free for PSN Plus? How can I say no to free? I actually thorougly enjoyed the whimsical and unique design that Stacking set out to do. Although I felt it got a little dry after a while, it was still an overall enjoyable experience.

  • Barely played 30 minutes of this game, although I really want to play more. I can't just leave Wheatley hanging.

  • Number 10 by default. Having only played 10 games this year, something was bound to show up that I didn't enjoy, and that is Dead Island. I really didn't make it too far into the game, having probably played 4-5 hours or so, although the monotonous fetch quests, dull and annoying characters, and a tiresome weapon management system made me feel good about my decision to quit playing it early.

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