Bomb Should Have a Face Episode 11: TokyoChicken, Warrior Editor

Yes I finally got it working after being sent 8 files of audio I managed to make it work. So Join Matt Bodega, Tokyo Chicken, Disgaeamad, Jensonb, and the ORIGINAL Community Guest PureRok as they stalk the people on friends lists, explain why game reviews are recommendations(not grades!) and wonder why games have such a short half life(Episode 2)! All this, plus your questions, all on Bomb Should Have A Face, Giant Bomb's Community Podcast for the community matters that matter most! 

Again sorry for the late episode but it was a crazy mess but somehow it all worked out! Enjoy!


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BSHAF Episode 9: Chainsawdomy

This is on the temp account will be on itunes on the normal podango account when Matt is able to upload it!

Special thanks you Pureok for helping normalize the audio. Thanks man!!
This week on BSHAF We talk about all of the crazy new features that have been added to Giantbomb. Trivia, new forumn, interface, and the Friday Bomb Drop!
Join Mattbodega, TokyoChicken, Jensonb, Disgaeamad, and special guest of the week MB on our magical podcasting journey.
Link to Temp podango page: Here.


BSHAF Epsiode 8: Bears on Horses Fighting Trolls

NOTE: The volume is a lil louder this week DO NOT turn it all the way up like you normally have to with BSHAF!


This week Bodega is back from droppign his laptop on the floor! 

This week were joined by special guest Jayge while we talk about Video Game Ads, DRM on games, The crazy amount of game demos out this week and the CRAZY amount of games everyone is playing and Bears fighting Trolls while on horses. So Join Jayge, Mattbodega, Jensonb, Disgaeamad, and Me on our crazy trip through podacsting Magic....or podcasting hell...I'm not sure yet. Enjoy!

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BSHAF Episode 7: Whipping Out My Vortex

It's a maelstrom of technical problems this week, with Matt_Bodega out with a broken hard drive, Audacity crashing all over the place, and us unwisely breaking the podcast up into about a million little pieces which it took three people to edit back together. However, with all that behind us, you can now listen as the BSHAF crew brings in blog superstar Sweep and guide star Lies step in to fill the gaps, as TokyoChicken leads us through topics such as The Left4Dead of pirates, how to make game credits interesting, Fable II's similarities to the Force Unleashed, and the totally rolled-out forum code rollout. Follow us on a magical journey through the GiantBomb community, all the way to the fantastic musical outro.

Sorry for the shake up guys everyting was really crazy last minute and I was hosting I am sorry. Either way enjoy the show!

Bomb Should Have a Face Ep 5: 27

Hello listeners of BSHAF we missed last week but we totally make up for it with our nice long episode with special guest Dave Snider.

Join the Cast while we talk about things like cancelled game wikis, Achievment points on Giant Bomb, new blog suppourt for GB, what games would we play with our significant others, TGS and Bayonetta, 360 not selling well in Japan,Lost odyssey?, paying for!?!?!, and questions by you guys!

So join us on our crazy trip through podcasting magic, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll have a slight case of leprosy. 

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I Have a lot of Nerdy Things in My House

So I haven't really updated my blog in a while (again) so I figured I'd update it with something simple so here is all the stuff I have in my house. I know enthralling. Queue low res images now!

I love Futurama
I love Futurama

For some reason I love collecting these Futurama figures.
More figures!!
More figures!!

Now I know what your thinking and its true. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands.
Recording stuff and a DS...YAY?!?
Recording stuff and a DS...YAY?!?

Some games I've been playing lately
Some games I've been playing lately

That's pretty much it for this blog for today, now I feel better about my feed not updating. Hopefully enough I'll have something interesting to write up about later in the week.
Peace out Giant Bombers and I'm so sorry for this crappy blog that was born out of boredom.

BSHAF Episode 3:The One Without Post

Big thanks to users Foil1212 and Brukaoru for our shiny new intro and outro.

Welcome welcome listeners to BSHAF episode 3. Today were joined by community guest shawn to talk about Braid and Soulja Boy, New site updates, I get slightly serious on the cast when we talk about the birth of the "The community is still a Threat Thread", and we talk about video games.

So join us on this crazy madness of a podcast, listen to the crazy guy who was having fever dreams the day before the podcast Mattbodega, a loudmouthed canadian kid, a crazy scot who wont stop "piledriving bitches" Disgaeamad, super crazy community guest from the forumns Shawn, and crazy not so british scottish guy who hates soccer and actually refers to it as "soccer" Jensonb (I'm so not twelve!!!!!!!!!).

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PS:Regarding the things I said during the Braid and Soulja Boy discussion may direct flak at the cast but I want to explain. When I said things like "...theres the average consumer who doesn't really care about these things like us". When I said that I meant simply that people who don't normally go to websites like GB don't neccessarily always take the time to look into games liek braid, while the "Hardcore" tend to do, while not everyone, some tend to. I also commented on the somewhat dumb comments about braid from people just saying it looks stupid even though they didn't try it and I just said that, thats no better than being an elitest. Like we said there is a small divide between the "hardcore" and "Average consumer" and that were all okay with that. I think if you put a lot into a game you  do tend to feel somewhat frustrated when people make comments like that. So if any hate is to be put on anyone just put it on me. 

Bomb Should Have a Face 2: Your so twelve

Episode 2 of BSHAF, the Giant Bomb Community Podcast, has now gone live. We call this one "You're so Twelve" after the internet insult I am trying to spread. Basically, whenever anyone does something dumb, immature or like what idiots on Xbox LIVE do you tell them "you're so twelve". Cos everyone says those people are 12.

It makes sense, I promise.

This week's episode features community moderator Hamz, bringing the Scot quotient to 3 and making this the most Scottish blog on the internet (We assume). Topics of discussion include Moral Decisions in games, Gaming Identities, the Jensonb & Co. Vs. MB  (in a super civil way) and The Forums spat.

So join me, MattBodega, Jensonb, Disgaeamad and Hamz for our crazy dose of inside jokes, Bombcast-comparison-defying hosting style and lack of ability to stay on topic. Oh, I think we talk about games and Giant Bomb (It's a website about the aforementioned) at some point.

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If last week was the Firstcast, this week is the Scotcast! This week, MattBodega, TokyoChicken, JensonB, and Disgaeamad are joined by community moderator and all around strong man Hamz, giving the Scottish complete control of the podcast! GB user Sweep gets the group talking about Moral Decisions in games while GB Otacon blog encouraged game players to respect our gaming identities! Also, JensonB hates the forums, Jayge has an awesome page about Dead Head Fred, and everyone make inside jokes! References and more on the podcast about the community matters that matter most!
Music Credits:
(like they're gonna write a song about it) by Midnight Brown

Why Are We the Way We Are?

Now before you start thinking this is some kind of blog commenting on our lives as human beings, stop, I actually want to talk about something a tad different. I want to talk about why we are gamers, hobbyist, or just geeks.

For a long time I've been pondering this question how did I become a gamer why am I a gamer? What made me so oddly interested in the niche? What exactly made me this way? Why do I love this medium so much?
Yeah...its really not.
Yeah...its really not.

The one game that really made me love video games had to be Final Fantasy 7. It was the first game of its kind that I've played.A new world was opened up to me, I started to see video games in a different way. I suddenly became obsessed with characters and story in video games. Soon enough I found myself  escaping to these awesome new worlds constantly anticipating each day because each day was another oppourtunity to be completely immersed in this new world. Eventually I began finding more and more games like it to feed my addiction. 

As I grew older my interest in these things began to grow beyond video games into more and more geeky things. I started getting into collecting. From comic books to toys to movies, if something was quirky and interesting I always had to drop all my money on it. My house became decorated with crazy vinyl toys and my shelves were stacked with movies and games. All of it fed my crazy obsession with the geek culture. I'm not sure why but something about being so engrossed in this world and always brought some kind of joy to me.Being around these things made me happy, it helped me forget all of the problems of the world. To me this was my way to indulge in something interesting and different.

To me videos game are a culture. Video games bring people together. They allow us to feel control over something (Something we tend to lack in real life to an extent). To me video games are an escape. I'm a geek because I love the culture, the people, and the world that video games have created today. Video games, the geek culture, brings people together, they bring us to places like Giant bomb, they bring us to places like PAX.  I'm a geek because I have a passion that grew in me a long time ago and places like Giant bomb just further allow me to idulge in my passion. Here I get to write about games and most importantly talk about games with people who have a passion for games like me.

I'm a gamer and thats that. Beyond that I apologize for this mini biography of me but I haven't blogged in a while and this was on my mind for a while but I would like to leave you off with a question before I go. What made you a Gamer? What say you Giant Bombers?
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