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Games that would be better with Queen Latifah in them

Listen, video games are great and all, but every time I go into a game I always feel like something is missing. Every time I'd pop a game in I would always have a sense of wrongness running through me, I could never put my finger on it, there was a hole in my heart -- something was missing. It wasn't until I finished my 15th consecutive viewing of Hairspray (It was cry into a bucket of Rocky Road night (It's a weekly tradition of mine)), when I found the source of the issue. See, games are missing one integral component every source of media should have: The rap-tastic, bootylicious charm of my number one girl, Miss Queen Latifah. Here are a few games that NEEDED the presence of this women in them. 

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  • 'Kay, fuck Anya, alright? Wouldn't Marcus' journey be 10x more enjoyable with "Latifah's had it up 2 here" ringing in your ears?

  • Tom Nook ain't got shit on Lati-fay-fay. She's 5'10'' AND she plays power forward (Totally Basketball, totally cool). Tom Nook is a RACOON.

  • "Lt. Latifah reporting, baby!"

  • She'd definitely replace Aerith, except Latifah wouldn't eat it (Totally spoilers, totally cool). No, she'd show Sephiroth the business then her and the rest of the party would go watch Chicago forty times.

  • Change to "Latifah Life," think of it like the movie "Being John Malkovich" except awesome.

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