I made a top ten list: 2015

As a new PS4 owner I have more Rocket League, Bloodborne, Battlefront and King's Quest to play before I make up my mind on those games. Also not included in this list are rereleases and remasters of old games. I had a great time with Majora's Mask on 3DS, Grim Fandango and Rare Replay this year. On top of that I played a handful of last year's games like Dragon Age Inquisition, Farcry 4, and Shadow of Mordor.

Other games I have not had a chance to play, but I might get around to are listed below:

  • Assassin's Creed: syndicate
  • Axiom Verge
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
  • Downwell
  • Life is Strange
  • Soma
  • Undertale
  • Until Dawn
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X

Miiverse has become a sort of journal where I can draw about the games I play. When I realized I had at least one drawing for every game on my list this year I had to include them.

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List items

  • I'm fairly new to the Metal Gear franchise. I played Twin Snakes in its day, but it wasn't until recently I played through MGS 2, 3, and watched Drew play 4. Metal Gear Solid V is the best of the bunch.

    It was the most fresh open world game I played this year. The tight controls made stealth and movement fun and easy. The sheer scope of tools at my disposal allowed for tremendous freedom in how I chose to upgrade my equipment or tackle any mission.

    I fell off after the "first ending." Previously unique story missions have become remixes of old missions with extra challenges with no story context. I have moved on from MGS V and unfortunately I'll have to let Drew finish the story for me once again.

    However I won't let this taint the fun I had knocking out and dog piling onto soldiers under my employ and having them thank me for it as I squirted them with my water pistol.

  • Fallout 4 was dangerously easy to play. I put in over 100 hours in what seemed like no time. Even my top game on this list I had to force my self to get through at times. I'll chalk it down to Familiarity. After Hundreds of hours of Skyrim exploring, picking locks and searching every box for supplies has become second nature.

    The improvements Fallout 4 brings to the Bethesda formula are welcome. For the first time I feel like my character is a character in the world thanks to the voice acting. This allowed for stronger relationships with other characters in the world. Nick Valentine is a cool dude.

  • Arkham Knight may not have the biggest open world, but it's dense, pretty and full of meaningful things to do. Tank combat was fun, if overused. This game may not innovate as much as some other games this year, but it was comfort food for me.

    I love collecting Riddler trophies. Each one is a unique puzzle, so many collectibles in other games are just dots on a map to collect.

  • I wish I could say the most fun I've had with Mario Maker was playing it myself, but watching Dan and Patrick go at it has been my favorite part of this game.

    That isn't to say I haven't had a blast playing Mario Maker. I wish I spent more time creating when I see the ways the mechanics can be subverted to create clever puzzles, boss battles, stories and Metroid style item gating.

  • On top of being flat out gorgeous, Ori is super fun to play. It features tight Meatboy style platforming with a few surprises of its own. My biggest knock against it is how it locks you out of dungeons once they are completed. It goes counter to the very idea of a Metroidvania. I have a very strong desire to go back and collect all the things! Just not strong enough to start over with a new game.

  • An improvement over the first game in just about every way. Yet I don't feel a strongly about this one as I did the first. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was too similar, or maybe I rushed through it. I beat it in no time and collected 100% of the things. By that criteria it deserves a spot on this list.

  • Grow home is a magical little game. BUD is full of charm with is drunken little walk. Living creatures break apart like Lego. The feeling of grabbing a leaf and floating down, around the massive beanstalk that you had a role in shaping is something special.

  • I finished The Witcher 3, but it wasn't effortless. The creatures that populate this world are fascinating. The way real world folklore influences the reality of these characters is fascinating to me. The designs are equally fantastic, particularly the Crones.

  • I never thought I'd see the day a primarily online multiplayer shooter appears on my top ten list. The music, character design and overall style of Splatoon is phenomenal. I enjoyed my time with the single player mode and a handful of online matches, but ultimately didn't spend as much time as I could have with this game. Maybe I'll return to it someday.

  • Boxboy! is a tight, clever little puzzle platformer with a ton of charm in its minimal presentation.