Tomomb's Twenty-Thirteen Top Ten

I'm sorry, I have not yet had the chance to play Super Mario 3D World and Rayman Legends yet. If I had they would likely be strong candidates for this list and I plan on owning them both very soon.

I've also only dipped my toes in games like Gunpoint, Rogue Legacy, The Stanley Parable, and Papers Please. My opinion on those games aren't fully formed yet.

I played Wind Waker HD, and while I'm not including this remake in this list for 2013, the original release does hold the title for my game of its generation.

List items

  • This game is like a trip to Disneyland that goes horribly wrong as a bloody civil war breaks out. Forget the naysayers, I say Columbia surpasses Rapture in atmosphere and personality. Elisabeth is one of the most expressive characters I've seen in a game. You watch her grow from a naive young girl into a mature woman and further into an omnipotent being. I never do this, but upon completing my first play through I immediately started a new game. Then again once more.

  • TLOU, like BI, is masterful at creating a phenomenal world with characters you care about. My least favorite part of the Uncharted games was the endless combat filler sequences. Naughty dog improves on their formula by giving TLOU meaningful, challenging, and often stressful combat that illustrates what it's like to live in this dangerous world.

  • So nice I bought it twice! Gorgeous 2D brawl-troid-vania. I love this game in so many ways. I picked it up on PS3 because I thought the art style looked cool and I really like metroidvania games. What I didn't expect was the easy to grasp, but super deep and challenging combat and platforming pushed me to my limits. This is a game with a world so rich and colourful that it made me want to make that push to see every inch of it. Then I bought it on PC because I want Drinkbox to have all of my money and make more great games like this.

  • Zelda is my favorite franchise in games. I haven't been as down on the latest Wii games as some, and I don't see Link Between worlds as some second coming. But it is a great entry in the series. It reminds me of Link's Awakening in some ways more then the game it's directly referencing. That was the game that immediately followed ALTTP, and was playing off of it in many similar ways. I'm happy Nintendo is rethinking the Zelda formula and I'm looking forward to what this means for the Wii U installment. Also the Maiamai cave song is my new jam!

  • I played Animal Crossing on the Game Cube and after playing the DS installment I vowed I was done with the series because it had changed so little. I broke that vow and picked up New Leaf. I've put more time into this game then any other this year, by far. I have 2 characters with fully upgraded houses and only need 1 more fossil to complete my museum collection.... somebody please send help!

  • Uncharted may have characters you care about and a cinematic presentation. But Tomb Raider is, in some ways, a better game. This game has a world that makes me want to go back and find all of it's secrets like a true Tomb Raider. Like Indiana Jones dragging behind a truck or John McClane's bare feet getting cut up, this game makes Lara earn her action hero stripes.

  • I love adventure games, and this is a great one. The humor in The Cave is worth slight tedium of the platforming and only being able to carry one item at a time. The lack of love this game gets bums me out, the Hillbilly's run animation is worth the price alone.

  • Getting around the city with your superpowers in this game is so fun that finding 1200 glowing biscuits sounds a lot tougher then it is. The way you traverse Steelport changes your perspective so much you can hardly tell it's the same city from the last game. I love how SRIV is moving away from its GTA inspired roots and steals from the Mass Effect series with the hub ship and loyalty missions, while making fun of it at the same time. Plus you can equip Han Solo's blaster! But, overall it still feels like SR 3.5, I can't wait to see how Volition follows this up on Next Gen hardware.

  • Black flag is the first AC game I picked up near release. The series' devotion to history has always interested me, although I've been typically been lukewarm on how the series feels. Black Flag still suffers from the eavesdrop missions and frustrating stealth mechanics as past games, but adds a great variety of fun piratey side stuff to do.

  • This game looks gorgeous, the variety in design of the characters and environments make this game worth seeing to the end. This game's charm and humor go a long way. It's worth collecting all the heads just to see the designs and wacky back stories associated with each one. Patrick will deny it, but the platforming feels fine, and the scissors are an incredably fun and unique tool for traversal and combat.

  • I'm not trying to be funny by putting this at number 11, but when it turned out this way I kind of had to include it. I wasn't as moved by the ending as Brad and Totalbiscut may have, but I enjoyed my time with Brothers. The optional side interactions were a great way of illustrating the differences of personality between the two brothers. One moment involving a man attempting to hang himself is particularly powerful.