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Good game, not for 60 bucks though 0

I did enjoy my experience with Wanted but I'm glad I only rented it.  I beat the game in under 5 hours but those almost five hours were pretty good.  The GoodCover System-This may be my favorite cover system out now.  You can just from cover to cover very quickly and it does make you feel pretty badass.  When you blindfire your screen with turn slightly white around the edges meaning that all the enemies are in cover and you can move through cover very quickly.  Your character moves a bit faster...

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Great Shooter 0

There’s no shortage of games with explosions these days.  The problem is that they are conveniently placed barrels to kill the enemies.  No environmental damage is done except for the occasional black burn mark.  Bad Company does explosions right.  If an M203 round is shot at a wall you can bet that wall isn’t going to be there post-explosion.  The explosions are not just for looks either, they factor into the gameplay.  If an enemy is in a house, why wait for him to come out, just blow out the ...

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