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No way!!!

Look used games are the only way for consumers to combat rising prices as well as diminishing values, consider this. When you go and buy a game you have a choice, you can buy a 60$ game or a used one, and since it cheaper you will probably get the used one, this drives down new game prices after the launch to reflect the actual supply and demand rather than forcing prices up. The other thing is that it encourages companies to make longer lasting games so that people wont resell them because they'll still be busy with them forcing other people to buy new games. You see this reflected with games like fallout 3 who saw new games as a far higher percentage of purchased games from retailers due to the lack of used games readily available.


Video Game Market Misconceptions

Hey there giantbombers, I'd like to talk about some of the misconceptions among the games press about how the install bases of gaming platforms shake out. First off, would it surprise you to learn that the xbox 360 install base is actually only 138% that of the ps3? I believe this perception is fueled by an american centric viewpoint. Also, the ps3's install base is actually only significantly higher in the 3 major english speaking markets, of course being Australia, the UK and the USA. In non english speaking countries the ps3's install base is virtually equal or slightly above that of the 360 despite being released a year later and of course in Japan the ps3 dominates completely. I believe this illustrates a higher interest in the Ps3 than the 360. It is interesting that people tend not to consider these factors when diagnosing the popularity of a console.

The other shocker might be that the "casual" gaming market that's supposedly taking us over, isn't really taking us over. This is because the 360 and ps3 combined, the supposed "hardcore" consoles currently constitute 50% of install base with a player base that buys far more games than Wii owners per capita as well as being willing to pay 60$ for them. Indeed the gaming industry has tested the traditional gaming markets validity but it is clear that hardcore gaming is not dead yet. The ps3 and 360 combined have sold approximately 300 million units of software constituting about 18-20 billion dollars in revenue while the Wii has sold about 240 million software units producing only 12-13 billion dollars of revenue meaning that the "hardcore" market is still ahead anywhere from 5-8 billion dollars in revenue on the console front at least. 

A yet third shocking point is that the PC could be considered an install base itself in which case it would tower over all other consoles with a combined might of over 1 billion PC's as compared to about 350 million consoles consisting of the DS, Wii, Ps3, 360, psp, and ps2. This means that if even cheap games with low spec requirements were effectively marketed to PC owners, the revenue would be astronomical. Consider that if every person who owns a PC were to buy just 1 5 dollar casual game that would constitue 5 billion dollars in revenue. It is hard for me to understand why there aren't more companies trying to swoop in on the market I mean, considering people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for operating systems and photo software, why wouldn't they be willing to pay 10$ for a much more enjoyable product. It baffles the mind.

That's all folks, and hope you consider the global nature of gaming, accept the casual market as a welcomed brother, and know that PC isn't dead!!

please note: All information used to compile percentages and claims was found on


It's cool mostly for the journalism and user opinion, the fact finding stuff is kind of dry though


Banjo Kazooie Dude,

I'm sorry to say this, especially because brad has suck a devout love for this game but banjo kazooie nuts and bolts is just mediocre. If the gameplay were more enjoyable maybe but even then the creation tools are pretty shallow given the limitations of the actual ways you could viably make a vehicle.

The main grievance I have with it however is that they departed so far from the concepts of the original n64 game, why couldn't they have taken that same concept and just added next gen level design and graphics, or maybe even make a game along the lines of the ratchet and clank series, I mean ratchet and clank is already practically a rip off of the old banjo game(2 companions, one sits on the others back and flys them around).


No, I hate metagames

Partly the reason why I didn't buy an xbox 360 is because I didn't f-ing care about points and surprisingly I still don't care about trophies.


Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet would be the figurehead president and clank would be the bald secret overlord vice president who accidentally sometimes shoots old men in the face for fun.

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