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Original concept makes it worthwhile for the open minded. 0

    First of all let me say that a rhythm based tactical combat game mixed with a simple cryptic story will not appeal to everyone. However the game is refreshing in its own way. You have not played anything exactly like patapon and the gameplay itself seems viable, it just goes to show how many more possibilities there are in game development.    You start the game by playing some easy missions just to teach you a few basic rhythms that you will use to command your patapon army. You later learn...

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I get the feeling I've done this before.... 0

Soulcalibur 4 is a good game for the facts that it's pretty, you can customize characters, you can play as darth vader(brain explosion), and you can play online but other than that all other elements are anywhere from okay to mediocre.The gameplay is almost exactly the same as even soul calibur 2 which is the latest soul calibur game I've played. It has many of the same problems as the old games or maybe you'd consider them traditions, those are that the combat never looks natural, there are a f...

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It's an RPG, it's LOTR, it's money. 0

Now, I haven't played any of the final fantasy games for any great period of time except for final fantasy 12 which I didn't feel compelled to finish, but this game seems like it could fit well for some people.I would be one of those people, I just can't find it in me to finish a 50 or so hour JRPG and this game with its mix of a compelling universe and the basic core gameplay that has worked for so many other games. Its length of about 12 hours for a skilled player(20 hours or so for me) makes ...

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It's a little to nichey to be 5 stars. 0

Burnout Paradise is an insanely crazy driving game, It's also structured like a grinding MMO. You spend your time completing one event at a time of the three types being stunt run, road rage, race, and marked man. The game however merely rewards you with new cars that control nearly the same as the others it just changes some of the luck and speed. This makes the single player game feel monotonous. The Online play is okay but the original way they wanted people to play it rarely comes forth, the...

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It'll have you hooked, for about a week. 0

I like this game, it was fun. The problem is that the depth wasn't there and I don't mean compared to the other civ games, I've never played any of them. I mean that just compared to any strategy game, the lack of any kind of story first of all leaves you with little incentive to even play through the first game let alone over and over again. The slightly higher difficulty doesn't even change AI either, it just takes away or adds on handicaps. The multiplayer is also jacked as the only reliable ...

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