Evidence that the name "Modern Warfare 2" is a bad idea.

Remember World at War? Yeah, before its announcement everybody called it COD5. Even when the game was announced sans a number, people still called it COD5. WHEN IT CAME OUT, SOME PEOPLE STILL CALLED IT COD5. Playfire has it labeled as "Call of Duty 5: World at War."

And most people I know who play COD4 called it that, not "Modern Warfare." It's such a generic name that it even got Andrew Pfister confusing it with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for previews and reviews of WAW.

I'm not saying that the game's gonna suck because of that, but you're gonna confuse a big chunk of your audience because people knew it as "Call of Duty." Modern Warfare is such a generic term that it could mean anything. It'd be like EA calling the next Battlefield game simply "Bad Company 2."