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  • toolzz360 wrote a review of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.
    Falling Fun!

    Youtube Review Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a zany combination of action platforming mixed with battle royale mechanics for either the PS4 or PC. Developed by UK independent developer Mediatonic, no...

  • toolzz360 wrote a review of Astro's Playroom.
    Astro's Playroom Review

    Video ReviewAstros Playroom developed by Sony Japan is an incredible showcase of the power and potential for the playstation 5 system and its unique dual-sense controller. It also functions as a sequ...

  • toolzz360 followed MightyDuck .
  • toolzz360 wrote a review of Mighty Gunvolt.
    Fun, but short

    Youtube Review Mighty Gunvolt developed by Inti Creations, the team that also worked on Mighty No 9, is a 8-bit inspired mega man clone. These type of side-scrolling action games are almost always co...

  • toolzz360 posted a message in the forum topic jakob187's Game of the Year for 2018...and HELLO!. on the Magic: The Gathering Arena board

    @fnrslvr: It is really viable to keep grinding away at the game (magic arena) and not have to put a cent into it. Being a good magic player in general also helps make the grind faster, but even so it...