Jeanne D'Arc Impressions

Well I got this game yesterday and here are the impressions you all have been waiting for....

The game is basically a strategy RPG, a genre in which I havent explored too much. What you do is attack enemies in the style of a japaneese rpg, but in order to encounter enemies you must strategically position your allies on the game map. The map is broken up into squares and you can only attack enemies in adjacent squares.

The game's story is a mixture of history and fantasy as it tells the story of Joan of Arc who led France to fight the English as a soldier of God during the midevil times. The story is told through anime style cutscenes and text dialouge. The actual gameplay involves traveling throughout France and fighting maps full of enemies in order to save France from the evil 6 year old King Henry the VI who was taken over by an evil demon force and is sending the demons to conquer France. In the game many playable charecters will join your party to help fight, and after playign for only 3 hours or so already 7 people have joined my party.

The game sounds pretty simple but some of teh maps and strategy involved are pretty complex, and I am already starting to loose a few fights here and there. The game is not as hard as a traditional turn based rpg, but it has almost the perfect difficulty. So far I am liking this game alot, but I wouldn't quite say I am loving it. The game doesnt offer as much depth as a typical final fantasy tactics game, but Jeanne D'arc is still a very good psp strategy rpg. Oh yea did I mention I am pretty addicted to it playign all 3 hours today.

Early Score 8.0-8.5 out of 10