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I finished it last weekend and enjoyed it. The animation quality is sub par though. Glad to hear the OAV is being released. I thought I'd have to hunt them down online. If you guys need other anime fixes that are in the fanboy genre there are quite a few out there. Genshiken is about a group that is into diverse aspects of fandom (art, cosplay, video games etc...) and have a college club dedicated to it. Only has some gaming though. Recovery of an MMO Junkie. A woman attempts to be a shut in that plays video games but real life and game life start to cross paths. There are other ones too but can't recall them right off the bat. Usually I like stuff that involves slice of life with some aspect of Fandom. Genshiken did it well. Ended up reading the manga too.

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Strider, Yagyu Jubei from Samurai Showdown, a character you can create from Monster Hunter, any Ninja Turtle, Deathstroke the Terminator.

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Witcher 3 and Stardew Valley is a no brainer. For me the classic arcade section has some cool stuff. Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man. I like those old challenging games. Hours of fun trying to get a high score and see if you can do even better in the arcade after.

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And then there is the origin of my own Too Seet:

I should add that Haiti Kid was in one of the movies in this series and he was one of the little people that used to work in WWF back in the day as a "midget wrestler".

(edited to add the Haiti Kid portion)

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First time playing it. Its definitely fun. Don't know if I'm doing everything right but do the occasional quest here and there. Farm all I can. Started expanding my home before Winter arrives. Also 6 hearts full on Penny. Started getting used to giving birthday presents. I've pretty much ignored all other cause of Stardew Valley.

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I have a few.

  • Jeff reading games coming for the Wii during a Bombcast and randomly yells out "MONSTER BUSTER CLUB!" That audio bit became my messenger chime on my phone for a year.
  • Here is one from 9 minutes and 25 seconds that had me in stitches. Jeff and Ryan recording their moves and voices for the two critters in the game:
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The last one was a Beastcast bit. It was a rap song about Jeff Bakalar's name.

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For console I buy some physical if its cheap enough. Usually beats the digital prices surprisingly. Been collecting for years so lots of physical copies since then. I do buy more digital these days though on the type of game I don't want to always see on my shelf but on occasion would want to play. For example Battlefield I'd buy digital. At some point less and less people play and that game just takes up space. So digital is fine. Games like Yakuza I like the physical of. Same with most DS and 3DS games. So its a mixed bag.

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Valerian - Visually it was super cool. The aliens did look a bit too CGI. Loved the intro with the International Space Station and what it becomes. But the story just seemed bland and going nowhere. One alien was introduced as a dance act. Cool alien and abilities. But when it came to the character joining the group it was poorly done. The voice acting was horrible and not at all entertaining. Should not have been added or maybe used in a different way. One character introduced early on made a promise and we never got to see that happen. It may be minor for some but the tone made me think more was to come. As for the two main characters Lorelai (sp?) was decent, but Valerian was forgettable. 4/5 visuals, 2/5 for the movie.

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Well, guess I'm having Taco Bell tonight in their honor. Grats Dan and Bianca!