Today I had my first experience with Sushi. In suburban Michigan.

So at first thought, suburban Michigan doesn't exactly seem like the most sensible place to open a new Sushi restaurant- though in the past decade, we've attracted a ton of Asian immigrants of all flavors. My town is home to both the Dow Chemical headquarters, and has a decent business university I attend, so it kinda makes sense. Anyway, I've never actually had sushi before, so I figured it'd just go for it. What I ordered was a meal consisting of 10 assorted Sushi pieces, some tuna roll, and some miso soup. I wasn't sure which fish was which, so I took a few pictures so I could identify it later. I'm pretty sure what I got was Tuna, Salmon, Spanish Mackerel and Crab (...Krab?) Keep in mind that the quality of these pictures isn't great, the real deal was actually much more colorful- here they are:  

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So, my feelings on this experience are mixed. On one hand, I despise krab- the ground-up whitefish dyed to look like real crab is off-putting in taste, texture, smell... I'm just not a fan, however, though today I found out I really like the sushi rice- it's sticky, sweet, salty and kinda tangy (there's vinegar in it, right? I watched a Good Eats episode about this before ordering). The tuna roll and tuna nagari were OK. It wasn't especially flavorful, but with a little wasabi and a dab of soy sauce, it's definitely not off-putting (it was a little... fishy.) The salmon and Spanish mackerel on the other hand, were fantastic. Extremely flavorful and not 'fishy' at all. It's good stuff! 
Overall, I liked what I ate. I get that this isn't top-grade stuff, I'm sure the real fresh stuff near the coast is on another level, but for a first experience, I'm just pleased I didn't hate the stuff.