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Top 5 segments from The Big Live Live Show Live

Phew, watching through the whole Big Live Live Show was pretty exhausting. I stayed up until 3 AM and watched it all (not the Block Party) and I don't regret anything. Thank you, Whiskey Media, for bringing us this completely bonkers show.
Without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite segments of the show.

5. The first segment of The Screening Room where we are introduced to the lovely "Denizen"

We all saw it, now we can't unsee it. I think the first part was the most entertaining due to nobody knewing just how terrible this movie was. Yet. The genuine outbursts of laughter and baffled reactions the crew had (especially Ryan Davis) were priceless. Please, don't do this ever again.

4. Norm and Will in sauna suits and HD vision glasses doing random poses in front of a giant green screen Ryan


I think it was at this point that The Big Live Live Show Live started going off the rails for real. Norm and Will is such a great duo to watch. I never really noticed how funny Norm can be before now. Also, props to Vinny and Drew for making this bizarre event possible.

3. Smooth Brad singing David Bowie's "Space Oddity"

There was not too much of Brad's presence during the show, but at least we got this short excellent segment. Good job, Brad. Truly sesmerizing and dreamy. I'm pretty sure the subcription rate of the female user audience peaked at this point, too.

2. Greg Kasavin talking passionately about Bastion (Also, Jeff suddenly shaving his mustache)

This was an excellent and informative segment that served it's purpose really well. Bastion looks delicious and Greg was really passionate about talking and answering questions about it. That man clearly loves his video games.

1. Norm and Will cooking bacon in microwaves while demonstrating the aptly titled EZ Cracker

Between this and the super fun flops segment, it was a hard pick. I think the pure chaos of this segment makes it the winner for me. Norm and Will, once again totally killing it. Not even the power surge could handle the greasy and nasty microwave bacon cooking action. Norm: "Do you need to use...The Glove?" Classic.