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Tordah's week in gaming - All over the spectrum

Hello, everyone. Last week I already fell through on my promise to start blogging weekly on what I've been playing so here's two weeks worth of gaming instead! It feels like I've been all over the place with my playing habits lately, but that's just how I tend to roll. I don't know why I'm like that when it comes to gaming. I don't have any attention span problems with movies or music or anything else really. Maybe I'm just afraid of getting burnt out on any one game so I change things around constantly? Anyway, here's my latest adventures

Starcraft: Brood War

 En Taru Adun!
 En Taru Adun!
Rejoice, I finally beat this bastard! The last few Zerg missions were really difficult and time-consuming. I spent nearly 5 hours on the very last mission, out of which 3 were actual game time. The other 2 hours came from constantly reloading 10 min old saves when the enemy did a fierce unexpected attack or I completely messed up my own rushes. Such a chore. However, it was really satisfying to finally crush the last remaining Protoss forces and finally be done with it. I'm really happy I was able to beat it on my first try. I don't think I would've had the energy to give it another go if I had failed it the first time.  
Now if I only had Starcraft 2...


I bought Sacred Gold on a Steam sale some time ago, but forgotten about it until now. I came in expecting a decent Diablo-clone, and well, that's sort of what it is too. A super janky one. I want to like this game but the whole affair feels very clunky and unintuitive, especially the combat. The weird thing is that you seem to swing your weapon much slower if you click rapidly (as you naturally would) than you do if you hold it in. Considering the fact that you're often surrounded by several enemies (who generally die in one or two hits) that have a tendency to flee and run all over the place this becomes an annoying problem. Also, it happens way too often that I click an enemy and my dude refuses to attack it for some reason.
 This game looks much better when you don't see it in motion. Trust me.
 This game looks much better when you don't see it in motion. Trust me.

I also dislike the zooming options in the game. You have 3 different options on the mouse scroll button and they all feel wrong. The far out one is probably the best option but even on my 26" monitor it becomes difficult to hit the small enemies that run all over the place (in addition to the clunky and unresponsive combat system I already mentioned). The worst thing about this view though is that the framerate is terrible for some odd reason. Hello, this game is from 2004, right? I'm pretty sure my PC should be able to handle this with ease. The medium zoom is way too close to be any useful except when you're inside smaller caves and tombs and such. Out in the time open you're pretty much running blindly, forcing you to constantly view your minimap for directions. The closest zoom is just plain retarded. I won't even comment on that one.
Right now I'm about 3 hours in and I have serious doubts if I will ever finish the game. I thought I had made good progress, but then I brought up the Log with my quests and stats: 1,72 % of world explored. Say what? I've played 3 hours and uncovered such a puny percentage? This must be some bug, I think. So I bring up the world map again and...Holy crap! You can scroll it! So yeah, apparently Sacred has a pretty huge-ass world. It's hard to say just how large it is but I'd say it gives Morrowind a run for it's money.

Quake: Scourge of Armagon

Say Hello to the new scorpion with nailgun enemy.
Say Hello to the new scorpion with nailgun enemy.
I don't know if anyone read my last blog, but I finished Quake 1. This is the first expansion for that and I finished it just recently. It has some pretty sweet and memorable levels. The soundtrack is also pretty cool with both upbeat industrial tracks and ominous and atmospheric pieces. I enjoyed it a lot more than the somewhat dull ambient noises of the original Quake. 
However, it did have the most anti-climactic boss battle I've ever played. So the thing is this. I'm running nQuake, which is a multi-player focused source port of Quake, and it's kinda iffy with the single-player stuff, especially the expansions. When I entered Armagon's Lair I expected a tough battle, but what is this? He refuses to spawn on me! I'm running around in an empty level with tons of ammunition. Awesome. I opted to watch the battle on Youtube instead.

Street Fighter 4

Yep, I finally took the battle online in vanilla SF4 (the only version I own). First two days I did surprisingly well. I managed to round up 14 wins in about 2 hours of gameplay and got my battlescore up to about 600 pretty quickly. I guess I must've been lucky with my match-ups, cause today I got destroyed every single match I played. I raged a little, but it felt better when I saw some of them had like 2500 battlepoints. I played against a godlike Akuma that I couldn't even get close to (I mostly play as Zangief) and a Balrog player that barely gave me enough time to stand up before pummeling me into stunned. 
 I think I'm going to main this guy right here.
 I think I'm going to main this guy right here.
I guess everyone moved on to Super, leaving only random pros and noobs like me playing vanilla. The main problem I have right now is that I'm twice as terrible when I'm on the right side facing left. I guess those 35 hours spent playing on the left side in single-player made me retarded in that aspect. I can't for the life of me pull of Shoryuken and Banishing Flat-type moves from the right side. They just refuse to come out. On the left side I can pull them off pretty much every time, which is how it should be. I don't know if I wanna invest in a fighstick either. I don't have anyone to play against so I'm afraid I will get tired of it quickly and it will gather dust. It's a dilemma. 
Thank you for reading!