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Tordah's week in gaming - Old-school JRPGs and DOTA-clones

Tordah's week in gaming (week 34) - Old-school JRPGs and DOTA-clones

Hello, everyone. This blog is an attempt for me to start writing a weekly blog about what games I've been playing. Since I often tend to play random older games and switch from game to game pretty frequently, I think it might be an interesting read for people who like to wear their nostalgia goggles.
I must say I've been pretty inspired by fellow Giant Bomber ArbitraryWater and his excellent blogs about old-ass DOS games and forgotten PC titles. It's always nice to run across people who aren't frantically striving to always play the hottest new games. There's a time and place for everything, as the saying goes. Well then, on with the blog!

Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn Of Souls (GBA remake)

This week marked a legendary moment for me; I finished my first Final Fantasy game! I've always enjoyed the SNES-era titles a lot, but I've never actually finished any game in the series until now. I blazed through FF1 in about 11 hours, so I guess it was not long enough to make me feel fatigued and quit. Also, I hear the GBA remake is much easier than the original, so I guess that removed the need for grinding.
 The GBA remake doesn't look this nice, but the art is the same.
 The GBA remake doesn't look this nice, but the art is the same.

The story-telling here is extremely minimal. Basically, there are 4 crystals, and you need to collect them and kill the evil of this world because you're the 4 heroes that "The prophecy" spoke of. Pretty much all you do is go from dungeon to dungeon and battle monsters. A lot. Oh, how I hate you, random enemy encounters. 
The game is also mad cryptic. Very rarely does anyone tell you anything about what you need to do or where you should go next. All the help you get is a NPC in the first town that might give you some vague clues about what to do. That's it. Without a guide I would probably never have been able to finish the game -- or gone insane in the process. Overall though, it's a pretty decent game, and a promise of greater things to come from the series.

Breath Of Fire

 There be dragons in this game.
 There be dragons in this game.
BOF is a game I've always been very fond of for some reason. There's something about the characters that I really like, especially badass wolf man hunter Bo. The main character Ryu is also pretty badass since he can turn into a goddamn dragon. How many protagonists can do that? Not very many that I know of.
I've never actually finished the game before, so we'll see my current attempt goes. Right now I'm about 3 hours in and about to investigate some rumors about the living dead (read: zombies) roaming the small town of Romero at night. Coincidence, no? 


League Of Legends

Ahh, DOTA. Love it or hate it -- you can't deny it's monumental impact in the PC strategy genre. League Of Legends (or LOL, if you like) is a more streamlined and user-friendly clone of the game that is also completely free to play. It has all the polish and shine of a Blizzard title, and is constantly getting updates in the shape of new champions, alternate skins, and so forth. 

I never played much DOTA but I found it pretty easy to get into LOL. There are essentially two rules you should abide if you're new to the game. 1) Don't feed and 2) If possible, always help your team mates. This basically boils down to being careful over being aggressive. If you're unsure where the enemy champions are, don't go alone.  You'll only get ganked. If you're unsure what to do; go help your team mates. It's pretty simple.
Some champions hanging out in the snow.
Some champions hanging out in the snow.

Everyone says that the communities in these games are horrible, but I beg to differ. Sure, there are people that will spam the chat with "omg noobs!" everytime a team member dies, but I just find it funny. Often enough they end up doing just as bad as everyone else. I've seen a lot of people who are willing to help other players out by telling them what items to purchase, and so on.

Overall, it's pretty amazing game and everyone should at least give it a try. Feel free to drop me a PM if you're playing on the European client. Be warned though, it can be extremely addictive. 


I picked this classic up on the awesome Quakecon Steam sale. 7,5€ for all the first three Quake games and their expansions is a complete steal, if you ask me. 
For better or worse, Quake is the grandfather of all grey/brown/green games. You can thank ID software for that. Quake always freaked me out when I was young, and I still think it's pretty unsettling to this day. The game is just utterly bleak and depressive to simply look at, and the monsters are brutal and vicious -- both appearance-wise and in their deadliness. Oh, and the sound definately helps to set the creepy ominous atmosphere too.
 One of the most terrifying enemies ever - The Shambler.
 One of the most terrifying enemies ever - The Shambler.
I've played this in very brief sessions (about 3-4 levels per day) and already I've almost finished it. It seems like it's much shorter than I remember it being. Oh well, I still have both the expansions left to play as well as Quake 2 and its two expansions. That's gonna be a lot of Quake!
Until next time,