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Top 10 games of 2017

For the first time ever I finished more than 10 games from the current year. \o/

It was very hard to order this list, and I feel like most of the games could be moved around. It was a hell of a year to play games, and I will spend a good chunk of 2018 playing some games I didn't finish or missed. (Even if I managed to play 46 games this year).

Games I started but did not manage to finish yet: Yakuza 0, Mario + Rabbits, Gorogoa.

Games I wanted to play but did not have time: Night in the Woods (waiting for that switch release), Divinity Original Sin II

Games that could/should be shorter: Most of them.

List items

  • I was hyped for this game, but did not expect it to be as good, specially the story part.

    Even the graphics kept surprising me with every new area, and the combat (even if hard sometimes), was very satisfying. Having a strong well developed female lead character also helped a lot, because I've seen many games try that and fail badly.

  • This game is pure joy, more than I was ready for.

    It's also not very long, so props for that.

  • I think the hype was a bit too much for this game. Sure, it's an amazing game, I like the combat, the exploration and all, but the whole "best game of all time" stuff is a bit much.

  • Before the year began I was sure this was going to be my GOTY, and for the first 50-60 hours it held true. But the later half of the game is not as strong, the last dungeons feel like a drag and some of the bosses are not fun at all. I also don't like where the story goes in general. But on the bright side, they improved a lot the overall mechanics of the game, and delivered on style as always.

  • It managed to be even better than the first one, a very relaxing game with good and satisfying mechanics, a perfect vita game as well =)

  • I build a PC because I wanted to play this game, I was not disappointed.

  • Holy shit, WTF is this game? It's crazy to say the best parts in a wolfenstein game are the story cutscenes, but I saw myself blasting trough corridors (on easy) just to see where the story was going.

  • It was a surprise for me when I saw this released close to Christmas. It's a beautiful story with a powerful message, if you liked To The Moon (and why wouldn't you), you'll probably like this.

  • The first half of the game is definitely the strongest, and I was really impressed because I didn't hear a ton of praise for this game (except from Danielle Riendeau). It has a strong System Shock vibe, but the story is not the best and the game is super hard.

  • This was the hardest spot on the list, between Tacoma, Nier and Edith Finch. Nier left such a sour taste on my mouth after the second playtrough that I couldn't do it, I also can't play any more to see the other endings.

    That said, this game was better than I expected, even if the third episode is weak, it does some amazing stuff on episode 2, and Rachel Amber is a great character.