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Another Smash Bros Wish List

As rumors of a Switch version of Smash Bros begin, I find myself back down this rabbit hole. Forever falling.

Honorable Mentions!: Bomberman, Professor Layton, Impa, Ridley, Dr. Eggman, Shantae, Shovel Knight.

List items

  • Probably the most surefire draft pick in the history of Smash Bros.

  • People always say we need a grass starter to compliment Charizard and Greninja, and so far the best pick was Sceptile. Decidueye is from the newest game, and obviously better than Sceptile.

    If you want my picks for the other Gens without SB reps: Scizor, Gardevoir, Zoroark. Thank you.

  • For my money the one big third party character that feels like their "missing" from the game as of now. NES Classic INDEED.

  • My precious boy. My personal most wanted. I'd trade this whole list just to get him.

  • Dixie must enter and defend her right as the master of hair based offence against Bayonetta.

  • I'd never been big on adding Toad as a fighter, but I think his promotion to Captain gives him a lot more to work with as a somewhat awkward Villager-esque choice.

  • I'll be one of those guys staning for Golden Sun. It's easy to write Isaac off as another "sword guy", but he's got WAY more going on to work with.

  • The Rabbids are getting a whole crossover game with Mario. throw Raymond here a friggin' bone for god's sake. At least put him in ARMS or something.

  • I think Advance Wars counts as a retro pick at this point.

  • ARMS rounds out the list as the newest Nintendo series eligable for Smash. I went with Ribbon Girl over another member of the series because her aerial specialty would make her a cool counter-balance to Little Mac.