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Smash Bros Wishlist 1 - First Party

I have a certain obsession with Smash Bros. I really spend to much time thinking about it. And thanks to this list feature, I can share my unhealthy fixation with the world! Thanks Giant Bomb! Thanks for being an enabler. 

This is just a list of characters I'd either expect, or personally want. About half and half. A list I made pre-brawl had half it's picks come true, so I think my track record is pretty good. 
Check out the second part: Third Party Characters

List items

  • The NES era is being represented by Pit and Ice Climber already, but how about the hero of the NES classic that people actually liked?


    Seriously. Punch-Out!! has permeated pop culture (maybe more in the west) pretty hard. People outside gaming bring it up pretty often. Let's get Mac in there, huh? Hopefully having a new game will give him the boost he needs.

  • Metroid doesn't provide a <i>lot</i> of great playable characters, but Ridely is the obvious choice. He's the biggest reacuring villain, and would make a cool fighter.


    The only major argument I've heard against him is that he's "too big", but that's stupid. Bowser is 20 feet tall sometimes. It's not a big deal. Shrink him down a bit.

  • Like him or not, Bowser Jr. has become a mainstay of the Mario Universe. He's the last "major" in the cast who hasn't joined in as a playable character in Smash Bros.

    (Except maybe Toad. But I tend to see Toad as a concept or species more than an actual character. But that's just me.)

  • A more personal choice. I think Chibi is one of the more unique little characters out of the Big N in the last few years. I'd just love to see him running around fighting with toothbrushes and coffee mugs and other madness.

  • The last part of the DK trio. SSB is lacking in female fighters, and while this one may be an ape, it's <i>something.</i>

  • Did you know there's a new Golden Sun game coming? <i>I did.</i>


    Camelot works hard on a lot of weird Mario spin-off stuff. Give them the credit they deserve with a player from their home-grown RPG series. I was pretty happy Isaac made it too assist trophy status in Brawl. Let's kick it up a notch.

  • If Smash Bros wants to delve further into Warioware, there's nobody better than 9-Volt. The ultimate Nintendo fanboy, 9-Volt is like the human embodiment of everything SSB is about.


    He loves the Power Glove.

  • An effort to expand both the games roster of villains and Zelda characters outside the big three.


    Vaati's been a big baddie in multiple Zelda games now, and is probably the series' biggest villain outside Gannon himself.

  • One of Intelligent Systems' big strategy series, Fire Emblem, made it into Smash Bros, and it helped that series finally penetrate the western market. Poor Advance Wars had to do it with no help.


    The "Nintendo Wars" games have been around since the Famicom! Time to give it some love! And Advance's lead general has some huge wrenches to fight with. Win!

  • <b>HE HAS FURY!!!</b>