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Smash Bros Wishlist 2 - Third Party

 Part 1: First Party Characters
In the second part of my meandering Smash Bros wishlist, I take a look at a selection of 10 characters from non-Nintendo companies. An effort is made to keep it even across the bunch of publishers and developers. Some just have more franchises than others.
I do believe SSB needs to reach out to more third party companies. Not just for fanboy's sake, but as a monument to Nintendo history, third party stuff is often just as important, if not more. What's a more important piece of the NES's story, Kid Icarus or Castlevania?

List items

  • The first pick in my mind. Smash Bros is a series that brings the greatest mascots in video games together in one place. And Pac-man holds the title as gaming's first true "mascot".


    Let the yellow legend take up a place next to Mario and Sonic.

  • Capcom is really the only company that rivals Nintendo for sheer number of recognizable characters and franchises. And none more so than their main man, Mega Man.


    A mainstay of the NES, the Blue Bomber's a no-brainer.

  • Like Mega Man, Castlevania is one of the defining series of Nintendo's first console. (More than Metal Gear, for sure) And 'ol Simon is the matriarch of the series. Some whip-crackin' action is more than welcome to the Brawl.


    And maybe the SSB team can figure out some design for him that condenses his various crazy looks into something more manageable.

  • When you think about chaotic, 4-player gaming madness, you probably either think about Smash Bros, or Bomberman.


    It's only right they become one at last.

  • Sega has lots of cool franchise characters, but sadly, most have been left by the wayside. Recent "Sega Superstar" games prove that you'd need a half dozen Sonic characters in a game before you even think about the lesser series.


    So, sorry Ecco. Dr. Eggman is one of the obvious choices to expand on Sonic's cast. If not Tails.

  • Resident Evil is maybe the biggest multi-platform series post the 16 bit era. And, like Metal Gear, is goofy enough to have it's usual M-rated content sanitized enough to fit into Smash Bros.


    And on the Nintendo side, who from RE more important to their history than the hero of RE4, savior of the Gamecube?

  • The only western character on this list! And he's from France!


    Ubisoft has become one of the biggest tickets around, and friendly with the Big N. And who better to carry their flag than the limbless hero, Rayman? (Except maybe the Prince of Persia...)


    Plus, it would mean a level full of Rabbids!

  • Like it's sister company, Enix's bid daddy series, Dragon Quest, has less regular characters, and more concepts. But the "Slime" has become one of the biggest gaming icons in Japan, and has starred in it's own games.


    The idea of making an amorphous blob work as a player Smash Bro would be a lot of fun to see.

  • This guy invented fighting games. It's time he dropped in and showed these n00bs how it's done.