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A Fantastic Strategic Experience 0

Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge is quite honestly a game like no other. Every second spent with the game can be equated to your own little slice of heaven. Bad Rats is money well spent, and with a price of $5, it's hard to turn it down. The game teaches valuable life skills such as avoiding cats to stay alive. All your friends will be jealous of your new-found Bad Rats abilities when you are cornered by a group of cats and you are the one to survive. There are so many wacky and crazy situations you ...

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A comedic look through an FPS 0

Team Fortress 2 is a game that when you look at it, you wouldn't think it was worth your time. But in reality, it is an amazingly fun game to play. The game is comedic in a sense, and subtle jokes are thrown in with the gameplay, whether it be what a character says, or just the weapons a character uses.ClassesTeam Fortress 2 uses 9 classes in it's gameplay, as a class you have your set weapons, and only those weapons. Weapons will drop when an enemy is killed but can only be used for ammo. Each ...

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