Global Agenda: the Toxic experience

 I have seen a lot of people wondering about this game and I though I would like to share my experience with you guys to see if this is for you or not. I bought the game and got a guy up to level 15. And it is strange that the game grows on you and started getting addicting. I started out hating it and was bashing my self for have spent the money on this. but then I tried the PvP and it was really fun and what I use now to describe is it is TF2 in MMO from. They even got payload in there. They also have PVE. They send you and 3 other players out on a mission to storm a AI controlled enemy base fighting your way through some "mobs" and eventually get to the boss. The PVE started to get a little old if you play it for to long but then you can do what I did, Play pvp until until you want to play pve again :).  You got 4 classes : A tank, A rouge, A healer and a engineer. I started out with the engineer , probable the reason I hated it so much to begin with and it is not that the class bad it is because I don't like to build stuff, Did not like it in TF2 and don't like it here so I made another guy and this time I chose the Tank. I have had a way better time with him, Joined a agency(guild),got to level 15 and got some good armor.
So to those wondering if this game is worth it or not I say yeah or at least try it out. 
Update 15/1/2009
I joined another agency and that made the game a whole lot better. I was imminently pulled into AvA were agency's fight for a specific territory on the world map it gets pretty nuts. Like in most mmo's there is a guild that is bigger that the rest.  We wanted to make a alliance with them which is that we are 
basically a team , We watch their back and they watch ours. They asked us to prove our self with taken a few territories, but while we were attacking another territory the big guild attacked one of ours and took it, and then said they were testing us. just a few hours ago out guild leaders just said " Fuck it we will find another alliance" and now we are in the progress looking for one.