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XBL GT: Peace Egg

PSN: PeaceEgg

Steam: PsEG

I'm just an average 31-year-old gamer with no life. I started playing games on an Intellivision when I was three years old, and I haven't stopped playing video games since. I prefer racing games, and tend to be the guy everybody expects to flip out with excitement whenever a new Forza game is announced. That's somewhat accurate.

The name 'PsEG' stands for Psychotic Evil Genius, which is something I came up with as a clan name back in the Quakeworld Team Fortress days. It's pronounced 'seg,' but since I created the name long before the days of voice chat, I never considered most people would say pee-seg, puh-seg, or pee-ess-eee-gee. I sure know that now! That's why even I pronounce it pee-seg now. No need to keep fighting the inevitable.

These days, I'm focusing my time on Giant Bomb Forza Race Night and assorted idle hobbies involving video games and auto racing to some extent. I'm also working in the finance department of an automotive parts supplier, which has massacred my free time in exchange for financial security.

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