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2015 Extra Life: Trace's Terror Stream #2 and Horrible Life Mistake #3

Trace’s Terror for Twenty-Four Terror-Inducing Thours Two

STARTS: Friday, October 23rd, 9:00 PM Eastern

ENDS: Saturday, October 24th, 9:00 PM Eastern (~if I survive~)

STREAMING: At and Explosive Runs


It’s Happening Again

Last year, I played 24 hours of scary (and some not-so-scary) games to raise money for Extra Life. Outlast, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Among the Sleep, Year Walk, and Neverending Nightmares were vanquished in the name of helping sick children get better. Despite some minor hiccups and not-so-scary game choices, the gaming marathon was a largely successful effort, and I managed to stay awake for 36 hours straight while raising $500 for my local Beaumont Children's Hospital.

Let’s up the ante and do it all over again.

This time, I’ve prepared a more blatantly scary lineup of horror games to rush through in 24 hours. I’ll attempt to keep my sanity playing my least favorite genre of games and complete as many as possible within the time. Afterwards, your donations will decide how much further I suffer.

I hate horror games. You enjoy watching suffering for charity. This should be a win-win proposition, right?

…this is going to hurt me.


The Lineup of Terror

As with last year, I’m starting at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific), because scary games are best played at night when my mind is fresh, and I’d like everyone to be able to watch my final shreds of sanity slip away on Saturday night. I’ll be streaming on Twitch, and my channel’s listed on Explosive Runs, so you’ll be able to watch there, as well.

I will play as many of the following games as possible in the 24 hours:

  1. Among the Sleep (Prologue DLC)
  2. Daylight
  3. White Night
  4. Nevermind
  5. DreadOut
  6. Spooky’s House of Jump Scares (as suggested by Patrick Klepek)
  7. Layers of Fear
  8. The Cat Lady
  9. SOMA (I honestly don’t expect to get past this point, time-wise or mentally)
  10. Outlast (Whistleblower DLC, going to complete it this time)
  11. Magrunner: Dark Pulse
  12. Deadly Premonition
  13. Asylum

The order will be roughly as listed, though I might deviate a little here and there. I will only move on from a game after either beating it, discovering it’s not scary, running into a frustrating and time-consuming impasse, or if a technical glitch prevents me from streaming it out.

While streaming, I’ll be taking donations for surviving these scary games. There will be ulterior motives and benefits for these donations, but mainly you’ll be helping sick kids once again at my local Beaumont Children’s Hospital! It’s a great hospital, trust me.


The Punishment Incentive: #DRIVECLUB Fever

The punishment bonus stream will occur on the official Extra Life weekend of November 7th and/or 8th.

Instead of prizes, I’m offering up further game-based punishment as an incentive to donate. It’s well-known that I’m a fan of various quality racing games. However, there are a few racing games that annoy me. They drain my soul. They hurt me on a personal level.

One such game is #DRIVECLUB, and I’m going to play it again this year as part of a bonus stream.

Now let’s be clear: I played five straight hours of Driveclub last year, and while it started off fine, by the end, I was a grumpy and miserable mess. That was a mere five hours, though, and I only scratched the surface of the “best” PS4-exclusive racer currently available. Heck, I hear it has rain and everything supposedly works now.

This year’s donation benefit is simple: The more you donate, the more Driveclub I have to play. I’m already forced into another five hours this year because an early bird incentive was met, but let’s look at the potential tiers of pain:

If by the end of my 24-hour scary games stream:

  • $200 is raised: 5 hours straight of Driveclub. [ACHIEVED!]
  • $500 is raised: 10 hours straight of Driveclub.
  • $1,000 is raised: 15 hours straight of Driveclub, and I join the famed Lamborghini Pizza Club and begin my journey towards Lamborghini glory. For the uninitiated, that means ordering a pizza and eating the entire thing during the punishment stream. One down, 4,999 to go.
  • $1,500 is raised: 20 hours straight of Driveclub, including the Lamborghini Pizza Club piece.
  • $2,000 is raised: 25 hours straight of #DRIVECLUB?!? Is there even that much Driveclub to play? Also pizza.
  • $2,500 is raised: I’ll play 24 hours straight of Driveclub instead, but I’ll be digging out a different painful racing game for a separate stream of the additional six hours should we somehow reach this unlikely point. Perhaps a certain game that I said I’d never purchase without an apology from the developer*…oh, and pizza. Maybe two pizzas.
  • $3,000 or more: An extra five hours of that double punishment for every $500 raised, but seriously, there’s no way we’ll even get close to this point, right? That’s just silly. Pizza included.

*The game in question is Project CARS, by the way. Yes, this is a real incentive. I’m willing to break my word for the kids if we get this far.

I’ll be attempting to earn as many trophies as and experience as much as possible while playing Driveclub (including potential awful DLC purchases), and there may be guests helping me along in my club-based journey. Who can say?

Hey Trace, what happens if you raise a bunch of extra money in $500 total increments during your bonus stream?

I don’t know…maybe I’ll play another racing game on a second punishment stream?* Maybe I'll just extend my bonus stream? I doubt I'll raise enough for this to be a concern, but I’m open to suggestions here.

*Not Project CARS. You’re not getting me to break my word and play that garbage for a mere $500.