Next Class Quest Stats

Giant Bomb's first Sponsored-class quest is on, courtesy of Best Buy, and the community is facing a decent challenge for a simple quest set! Naturally, I'm doing my usual thing of tracking progress and stats. If you want to talk about the merits of sponsored quests, there's another thread for that. If you're looking for graphs and numbers, that's what this post is here for. 
Unfortunately, for one reason or another (likely the requirement to have five followed users on at once or a saturation in willing quest participants), we've failed. With an expected end time of Sunday and an actual end time of Friday, I poured a little too much hope into our initial chances.
Here's the final graph of progress.

Final Progress for Next Class
Final Progress for Next Class
The gold bar at the top was our goal of 6,000 user completions. The red line's the general pace we needed to maintain to have a chance at success. The green line is the progress we made over the course of the quest.
Final stats:
  • We needed 6,000 completions, but only attained 4,009.
  • We had an overall average of 36.5 completions per hour. Given our shorter timeframe, we needed an average of 54.67 completions per hour.
  • To complete this quest given our final rate of completion, we would have needed at least 164.26 hours, or until Monday.
  • Based on rough site statistics, 6,759 people have completed one of the quests in this set but haven't finished them all. This means 37% of the people who finished one of the quests managed to finish the whole set. On average, the incomplete users have 2.2 out of five quests complete.
  • My current Arbitrary Estimation of Success should have hit 0% a lot sooner*.
  • All the Whiskey sites missed their quest goal, but Anime Vice came the closest, even though only 200 people had to complete their quest.
Here's a comparison vs. previous quests tracked:
Quest Comparison Graph as of Next Class
Quest Comparison Graph as of Next Class

As always, if you have any requests, questions, or criticisms of my stat tracking, don't hesitate to ask! 
*Arbitrary Estimation of Success is an arbitrary number based on a faulty formula, and is subject to change drastically in the event of wild, unexpected shifts in user completion.