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Best of 2013

PsEG: Best of 2013

Right, let's do this. This list is subject to change if I play any more 2013 games this year, but that seems unlikely.

Maybe I'll play Brothers. Run that shit into the ground, right? I played Brothers. The list is altered as a result.

List items

  • Excellent atmosphere. Love its style. Had the ending spoiled by a user we banned, but it was still a hell of a fun traipse through a strange and highly patriotic world. The piano stings (if that's what they're called) were a nice touch every time I landed a headshot with a sniper rifle.

  • A great storytelling and digging-around-junk game. Left an impression, partially because the idea of walking around a large, unfamiliar house at night alone with limited lighting scares me terribly.

    ...that might be why Outlast isn't on here, among other scary games.

  • Saints Row the Third was great. Saints Row IV distills that into a short, amazing open-world game that takes my memories of its predecessor and enhances them with a bunch of crazy superpowers and bullshit. Wouldn't recommend it without playing SR3, though.

  • Nice, simple stealth game. I like it. Great music, too. Haven't completed it all the way through, and I spent a bit too much money trying to encourage others to play it with me to no avail, but even the solo experience is a fun, almost Pac-Man-esque trip.

  • Like the original, but more to-the-point and every bit as addictive. Some of the new master powers feel game-breaking in a delightful way.

  • The puzzle aren't tremendously hard, but this was a nice 2-3 hour adventure in a very moody section of space. 2013 is the year of slick atmosphere and plots for games, apparently.

  • An easy step up from GRID's muddled style, even if it suffers from the Codemasters habit of repeating every race and race type until it's a well-beaten dead horse. Pleasant arcade handling and beautiful graphics. Didn't try the multiplayer, but that doesn't bother me much.

  • This would have been my game of the year if Dave Lang included racing wheel support. I would be playing ranked matches all the time and attending tournaments. No, Joy2Key isn't an acceptable compromise, because I want to bring a racing wheel to said tournaments and make stream monsters lose their shit.

    Get fucked, Lang. Get. Fucked. Also, fuck you, Dave Lang. Great game -- my favorite fighting game not named Power Stone 2, even -- but fuck Dave Lang.

  • I was ready to pass off Brothers as an OK adventure with a few annoying bits surrounding a neat control mechanic. The early scenes that were supposed to be emotional didn't do much for me, due to a lack of build-up to make me empathize with random people/things I found.

    This changed when a certain part I shall not reveal near the end happened, and a single action started the emotion rolling in. I nearly started sobbing, which was thoroughly unexpected at this point.

    There are many games better than Brothers, but it's a worthwhile two hours. Brad's right.

  • The repetition wears after a while, but blah blah blah plot and atmosphere and funny narrator with an accent