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Games I Should Have Played in 2009

As a slacker who wastes far too much free time and not nearly enough money, I have a problem getting around to playing games that interest me. The list of shame has grown out of control, with games like Fallout 3, Dead Space, and Assassin's Creed falling to the wayside in recent years.
While compiling my Best of 2009 list, I realized that this is one of the worst years for my game neglect. There were so many titles I intended to pick up and play, but simply never found the time. For your perusal, ranked in order of shame and regret, here are the games of 2009 that I really need to get around to playing.

List items

  • With all the praise for a game based on a comic book done right, and my love for Mark Hamill's Joker voice, I'm really ashamed I haven't gotten around to playing Arkham Asylum yet. Hopefully I'll be able to jump into it before the sequel comes out, because that'll just deter me from playing the series at all. Doubly shameful!

  • I have somewhat of an excuse for DiRT 2 in that I'm really not a fan of Travis Pastrana or Ken Block. I think they're tarnishing the sport of rally and taking attention away from more deserving drivers such as Sebastien Loeb. That said, the demo for DiRT 2 was bloody amazing, and there's a part of me itching to buy this and experience high speed chaos at this very moment. For now, though, I'll resist, since it'd just take time away from Forza Motorsport 3.

  • So much of what I've seen of Borderlands screams first-person shooter meets Phantasy Star Online. As a gamer who was addicted to Phantasy Star Online for a fair amount of time, and loves the idea of fancy guns as loot, I find this combination irresistible. The only barrier to my purchase is that all my friends have long since progressed through the story and leveled up. Nobody wants to be the lone low-level newbie awkwardly trying to join in the fun, right?

  • While I'd like to use the same barrier to entry from Borderlands for Left 4 Dead 2, it's moreso that I got burned when none of my PC friends jumped on the Left 4 Dead 1 bandwagon, leaving me high and dry with a game I've still barely touched to this date. I want to play L4D2, but by the same token, I sure don't want to get burned again. I feel like an abuse victim.

  • I'm not much of a fighting game fan, so it's been really easy for the money-conscious side of my brain to tell me to save money and pass up UFC 2009. Still, there's a part of me that yearns to punch and kick the crap out of another fighter for jollies. That and a desire for a Bushido Blade or WWF No Mercy in this console generation, really.

  • This game tempts me alone for its rendition of Magical Sound Shower. I know the driving isn't all that great, and it'll hurt me in the end trying to get some of the more frustrating achievements, but MAGICAL SOUND SHOWER, dude.

  • I'm not very good at rhythm games, despite enjoying the thought of playing them more than anything. Just ask my copy of Elite Beat Agents that I could only manage to beat with Agent Spin on easy. DJ Hero intrigues the heck out of me, mainly with its really awesome-sounding mix-ups and a controller I want to try sometime (even though there's probably demo units out in stores and I'm too lazy to go find them). The cost is a pretty basic deterrent, though. $100-120? That's money I could hold onto for talking myself out of buying two other games!

  • Look, this game was a must-buy for me until I heard all the RTS complaints. Now I just can't muster up the urge to play it. Is that shameful? Probably. I'm part of Tim Schafer's problem.

  • I don't even have a good excuse for this game. It's purchased! It's in my house! All I'm currently using my DS for is Picross! Why I haven't started playing it yet, I'm not sure. Maybe sometimes I'll get around t-oh, right. Apathy. That's why.

  • I know Forza 3 trumps a lot of what NFS: Shift has to offer, but there's a part of me that just wants to try this. It's a morbid, hateful part of me, I think -- the same part that keeps trying to convince me to buy the Crash Time games and Indianapolis 500: Evolution. Not to say this game's that bad, but I highly doubt it's Forza. Still, if I never play it, I'll never know...and there's the morbid curiosity kicking in again.

  • Look, I like Yahtzee, OK?!? I also like Scrabble! I'd need to convince my online friends to pick up copies for the Xbox 360, though, so that I could enjoy the multiplayer with them. Let's face it: the mere mention of such an idea should be accompanied with a laughtrack.