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Games I Should Have Played in 2013

Every year there's a growing list of regret for me, as good games fall through the cracks and don't get any playtime. The following games all well up twinges of regret in my psyche as unloved children I should have devoted some time to this year. Cat's in the cradle with the silver spoon, as it were.

Ordering is based on the community game of the year rankings. Games that I had no chance of playing, such as The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6, will not be included. I don't own a PS3, I don't want to own a PS3, so those kids are dead to me, Sophie.

List items

  • I'm not a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series, but I've heard too many good things about the remake. I think I could set aside my aversion to sneak-and-stab games long enough to enjoy this.

  • Every time someone tells me about the TV level and how awesome it is, I hate myself a little more for not playing DmC yet. I am terrible at these types of games -- I can't even string together a simple combo in Arkham Asylum -- but the style sounds utterly sick.

    Yeah, I just said sick as a compliment. Whatever. You don't know me!

  • I was OK with passing this up, and then I saw a farting warrior during one of the Extra Life streams.

    Someday. It's low on the priority list, but I'm going to have to play this sometime.

  • This might just be because of the Steam sale and the bits and pieces I've heard of the final boss fight. I doubt I'll ever get around to playing it.

    Plus, that's some rad boxart over there. All blue and fancy with the orange cut. Yeeeeah.

  • I really don't know why I haven't gotten to Antichamber yet. It sounds amazing, and I'm a big fan of mindfuck puzzlers. Out of the top 5, this is the one I'm most likely to play and complete.

  • God damn if this doesn't look cool. It was fun to watch the demo at PAX as well. Slick art style, luchadors, and what appears to be a heavy Metroidvania influence? I haven't played much Metroid or Castlevania in my life, but I'll explore the shit out of anything involving luchadors.

  • I haven't played a single Far Cry game. This doesn't look like any Far Cry game. I am a damn fool.

    Hopefully I'll get to this someday.

  • The last Battlefield game I played to any extent was 1942. I bought this on sale on Origin, and the only reason I haven't tried it is all the bugginess that afflicts its gameplay.

    I need to know how many Jeeps it takes to knock down a skyscraper. No one will give me a straight answer on this. It used to take 1-2 Jeeps to down a tank in 1942.

  • Look, I have respect for myself as a human being. Part of that means not stabbing my soul with hopelessness every chance I get.

    Still, I need to see what it's like to feel someday. I need my soul to feel.

  • I still haven't played Dead Rising 2. I loved Dead Rising 1. Fuck.

  • Yeah, maybe someday. I'm not too keen on this whole "Fairy Tales mixed in with modern reality" trend that everyone's riffing off of, but it's Telltale, and I played through Back to the Future with no regrets.

    Might just skip this for more Walking Dead to remind myself that I'm a terrible person.

  • Man, I don't even know how this got here. I think people I know kept tweeting about it, and now I have to know what the fuck this is about.

    Will likely be ignored for Binary Domain.

  • Shiiit, I have to know what all the Cthulhu stuff's about. Brad and the rest of Giant Bomb left me hanging.