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Incredible But Unbalanced: A Split Personality 12

Split/Second advertises itself as racing amped up with insane explosions. That's quite accurate, as the game is full of incredible driver-activated destruction wrapped up in a brilliant reality TV-inspired package. Beyond the huge explosions and exciting action, however, lies an unbalanced and occasionally frustrating experience that's all too reminiscent of other arcade racers, with annoying AI and questionable driving and gameplay mechanics that temper the explosive excitement. When Split/Seco...

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The light MMORPG 1

City of Heroes, despite being over three years old, continues to evolve and thrive, adding new zones, missions, and powers every few months in free updates. The large and stable subscription base of devoted players also defies CoH's age. Fans of MMORPGs in general may not find as much enjoyment in Paragon City given newer MMO options, but anyone who's ever dreamed of becoming a super-powered hero and beating the heck out of bad guys should still consider giving City of Heroes a trial run.CoH's i...

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Unfortunate monotony 0

SimTower puts out an intriguing proposition -- create a tower filled with a variety of properties, and watch residents, workers, and locals move around and interact with all the facilities. This is a fascinating idea on paper, but SimTower turns it into an unfortunate exercise in monotony and elevator traffic.Up to a 100-story tower can be created in SimTower; in fact, it's necessary to do so for the final TOWER ranking. Buildings gain these rankings, from the starting one star to five stars and...

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An overlooked classic 0

While it's unfair to compare Astrosmash to modern 2D shooters like Geometry Wars or Schizoid, time shouldn't detract from the greatness that Astrosmash achieved back in the early 1980s. If anything, the addictive playability even in modern times is a testament to its engrossing gameplay.Astrosmash isn't difficult to grasp by any means, with only a fraction of enemies that pose imminent threats, made obvious through sound cues and coloring. The game also awards extra lives quickly and graciously,...

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