Mah Favez

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  • This game is my baseline ideal for that elusive concept of "feel". Swinging a sword, backdashing, jumping, throwing knives - it all just feels exactly the way it should. The flow I feel just moving through the castle is like nothing else, it feels like home to me. It's not even that it's particularly challenging - it just feels right.

    It's also the baseline for the experience of discovery in video games. That childlike sense of awe at something you've never seen done before is my absolute favorite thing about playing games.

    The lack of a traditional level structure made it feel like it could go on forever, and had so many mechanics and secrets to discover. Equipment and weapons like an RPG? In here. Leveling? Yep. Special moves like Street Fighter? Got 'em. Transforming into monsters? Hell yes.

    The map felt huge, and in a time before guides were readily available, felt like I'd never find all the secrets it held. Remember that one weird room with the confessional where you sit down and a ghost appears across from you? How much more could there be to this game? Turns out the answer was an ENTIRE SECOND CASTLE after you finish the main game.

  • They figured out a way to make managing inventory actually kinda fun and interesting. Fuck, this game's so good.