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Party Games I Wish Came Out More at a Party

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  • I bought a Multitap and 2 more controllers just for this game. It's definitely dated by todays standards, but man did we used to have fun playing this.

  • Not quite an oldie (yet), but still damn fun. One of the few video games I can get my boyfriend to play!

  • Another favorite puzzle game with a crazy multiplayer mode.

  • I still kick myself for not buying a second drum when they were dropping in price.

  • Got it for Christmas when it came out but have only played it a handful of times. One day I'd love to get 2 sets of controllers and have 8 player mayhem!

  • Sure the camera wasn't the best, but it was hella fun watching everyone play.

  • It's ChuChu Rocket. What's not to love?

  • Unfortunately my copy is still in the hands of my niece. She loves it so damn much and doesn't want to give it up!