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Play blackjack online without a download: wherever you are, as you like it. You will find what you are looking for at GreatCasino: Are you drawn to the lights of Vegas, or do you keep it classic? We sure have a game that's right for you.

Because with us you choose from 26 different casino blackjack games your favorites, such as our popular Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack or the variants with several hands. We deliver all games with stunning graphics and crystal clear sound. And with a chance to make big profits.

  • Classic blackjack

If you are looking for traditional games, then Classic Blackjack might be the perfect choice for you. No unnecessary frills, but pure blackjack - just you and the game.

  • European blackjack

European Blackjack is our classiest blackjack game. Have you always dreamed of sitting at the table with the rich and famous in the famous Monte Carlo? Then you will love this game.

  • Atlantic City Blackjack

For some, a real casino experience can only be found on the other side of the pond. If, in addition to Lady Luck, you also want Lady Liberty hold, you are in good hands with Atlantic City Blackjack.

  • Live blackjack

Or why don't you visit the Betway Lounge? Our live blackjack games convey the tension of a real casino directly to you. Our croupiers are waiting, so log in and take it up with them - live and in real time via video stream. Blackjack has never felt so real.

  • Mobile blackjack

A great selection of mobile blackjack games awaits you. Of course, we have not compromised on quality in our practical mobile games either. Download the Betway app for iOS or Android and enjoy unlimited access to exciting games.

How to play blackjack

You play against the dealer. Your goal is to get as close as possible to 21 with the numbers on your cards without over shooting. This simple concept makes blackjack so interesting, but it also reaches a considerable depth for advanced players.

The rules of blackjack

Blackjack is therefore a comparison game in which you only have to be better than the dealer. You want to beat the dealer with as few cards as possible. But the most important thing is to get close to 21 without exaggerating. If you shoot past 21, you automatically lose your hand.

Choose an amount to get started. You will receive your two hole cards from the dealer. After you have looked at them, you decide whether to stop or take another card.

You win your hand if it is better than the dealer's. A winning hand is either the 21 blackjack or closer to the 21 than the dealer. You get, should you win the hand, your bet back and the same amount on top. So if you bet € 10 and win, that makes a total of € 20.

Blackjack card values

The values ​​on the cards are almost self-explanatory: with normal cards, numbered from two to ten, the cards are worth as much as they say. Jacks, queens and kings count all ten.

It only gets a little more complicated with the ace. Because the ace can represent both a 1 and an 11. The value depends on how it is best for your hand. If an ace is played as 11, it is a "soft" ace. If an ace is played as 1, it is a "hard" ace. Accordingly, a "soft hand" can never overplay if you draw a 10, because the ace then becomes a 1.

Blackjack terms

  • Bust - If the cards in a hand count more than 21, the hand goes bust, i.e. the hand loses automatically.
  • Double down - You can place a second bet on the table, a "double down".
  • Face Card - all boys, ladies and kings are referred to as face cards, just all cards on which a face is depicted. The ace, however, is not a face card.
  • Hit - You ask the dealer for another card.
  • Soft Hand - If you have an ace in your hand that counts as 11, you have a soft hand.
  • Split - If you are dealt two cards of equal value at the beginning, you can split your hand, i.e. split, to continue playing both new hands independently.
  • Surrender - If you want to give up your active hand, you will get half of your original bet back.

If you are looking for more information about the rules or if you want to refresh your knowledge, then have a look at the sections on the blackjack rules and the blackjack strategy

How to get started with online blackjack

Whatever you choose - you can do it comfortably from home. Experience the excitement of the game in online blackjack at Betway Casino Online. And if you play your cards correctly, you can cheer soon. Online gambling has never been better.

Welcome bonuses

Start winning at GreatCasino - with a fantastic welcome bonus worth up to € 1,000. Just make your first deposit and we'll double it instantly. Make two more deposits and your balance will continue to grow.

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Make your first deposit and you will receive a 100% bonus on this deposit worth up to € 250.

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* Further conditions apply

The development of a casino game

Blackjack has its origins in the French and Spanish areas, where it was known as Vingt-et-Un. Blackjack itself is the American name for the game, which is known in South Africa as 'seventeen and four'. Blackjack is one of the most popular card games of chance in the world, and every casino that pays attention to itself offers at least one of the well-known variants of blackjack. For more information on the history of blackjack, visit Betway.

At GreatCasino you will find over 25 different versions of blackjack, all from the Microgaming games house. The selection ranges from classic blackjack, to Atlantic City Blackjack and South Africa Blackjack, to special game variants such as HiLo 13, MultiHand Blackjack and the popular Blackjack Gold Series. There are also 3 games from Evolution Gaming that you can experience in the GreatCasino Live Casino.

What is online live blackjack?

A special gaming experience is Live Blackjack, which you can play online at GreatCasino. In live blackjack, the casino experience is streamed directly to your screen and thanks to the high-resolution video, you can follow the game in real time.

In addition to the well-known blackjack simulation games, GreatCasino offers the opportunity to experience blackjack in its live casino. What is the difference? In the simulation, you sit alone at the table and click or tap buttons to play. In the live casino you can enjoy the feeling of Vegas. With a live connection and cameras you are always at the table with other players. Not to be forgotten are the live dealers who hand out cards live and give players a real experience. Here is more information about Live Blackjack.

Take a seat at one of the blackjack tables in the GreatCasino Live Casino and we will put you in an environment that you only know from one of the big casino houses from the cinema. Watch the live dealers skillfully, deal cards, accept bets. Play against the dealer and other players from around the world. Fever whenever a new card is dealt. Watch other players go too far or hold their 17 without taking any chances.

Read enough? Do you want to test your luck and skill? Click here for the GreatCasino Live Casino.

Mobile blackjack

The cell phone or the tablet are among the things that most cannot do without. No matter whether you want to be reachable at any time, want to send a quick text to friends or just want to relax and play a little here and there. GreatCasino offer for PC and laptop users is one of the best in the industry. It is therefore hardly surprising that GreatCasino has created a mobile version of its casino. Over the years, GreatCasino has now developed a mobile casino offering that is in no way inferior to its desktop range.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. In addition, you can access the full range via the browser of your mobile phone. The app and mobile sites have been optimized for all common software and mobile devices.

Of course, with such a large line-up, blackjack should not be missing. You can also experience numerous blackjack variants on your mobile phone and tablet. Click here for GreatCasino mobile blackjack offer.

Blackjack FAQ

What is the difference between live blackjack and a game simulation?

Live Blackjack is, as the name implies, a live version in which you can enjoy your favorite game with other players from all over the world. The blackjack variants at GreatCasino Casino can be described as simulations. These are less interactive than the games in the GreatCasino Live Casino.

Do you always play blackjack against the house?

Whenever there is a dealer or croupier in the game, you basically play against the casino. It depends on the blackjack version and where you play, whether you play alone or with others.

Does online casinos mix after every hand?

Precisely. The deck of cards, which consists of 1-7 decks depending on the game variant, is shuffled after each completed hand.

Which online blackjack variants are there at GreatCasino?

In addition to the simulation games at GreatCasino Casino, there are various live versions in the live casino. You can play all known versions at GreatCasino. The selection ranges from classic blackjack, to European and South Africa blackjack, to special variants such as HiLo 13, Perfect Pair and the Blackjack Gold Series.

What are the uses and limitations of Betway for blackjack?

Bet limits differ from game to game. In general, bets from € 1 to € 1,000 are possible. In the GreatCasino Live Casino, on the other hand, there are bets from € 0.50 to € 5,000

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