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For those who enjoy quality Hip Hoppery...

I made a record.  It's pretty awesome.  Mac Lethal is on it, and he's pretty good.
So if you like white boy rap music from the middle of nowhere, I beg you to check it out.  It IS free after all.


My game pitch. Are you listening, developers?!

In this day and age of unoriginal, mediocre games, we need some original, awesome ideas.  I have none, but I do have an idea for a kind of original, probably mediocre game.  But it is MY mediocre game.

The problem with my game pitch is that it would probably just end up being a GTA clone.  But maybe that is what I want.

We need a 70's Blaxploitation game.  Straight up Shaft and Superfly all up in this bitch.  With a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack and Richard Roundtree as the voice of the main character.  Maybe I just want a Shaft game.  Or a Superfly game.  Or Shaft Vs. Superfly.

Maybe a Vs. style fighting game.  Richard Roundtree Vs. Samuel L. Jackson Vs. Curtis Mayfield Vs. Isaac Hayes Vs. Christian Bale Vs. That guy in Superfly.

One thing I know for sure is that you can't capture the vibe of Shaft with an Ace Attorney style game.

But for real.  70's Blaxploitation.  It's a style I have yet to see explored in video games, and it is a style that is full of action and awesomeness.